Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they provide a topic, and you choose ten books that answer that topic. This week’s topic is top ten characters you just didn’t click with.

Rose Hathaway from The Vampire Academy series

Ironically Rose Hathaway is the type of female heroine that I enjoy reading about: strong, sassy, and smart, but I found her to be infuriating especially in the beginning.  I’m still warming up to her character actually, since I’m in the process of reading the fourth book in the series, so hopefully, in the end I will finally like her enough. I can probably blame with how juvenile she sounded as a narrator.  If I wasn’t reading it from her perspective then I may not be as annoyed with her.  And is it bad that I honestly give zero ***** about her romance with Dimitri?

Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye

I can’t put enough emphasis on how much I dislike Holden’s character. I know a lot of teenagers can relate to him, but even when I was a teenager I just couldn’t empathize with him. He’s superficial and just bratty. Keep complaining Holden and I will be still rolling my eyes at you.

Augustus Waters from The Fault in our Stars

I kind of feel awful for putting a character who has cancer on this list, but I just wasn’t too fond of Gus.  Every time he talked I was rolling my eyes. I feel like he would have been that one pretentious asshole in my literature or philosophy class who will not shut up. I mean honestly, who talks like that anyways? Sorry for those who adore him.

Eadlyn Schreaver from The Heir 

And to think I had issues with America, it’s ten times worst with Eadlyn.  She’s such a spoiled brat and whines about everything. I began tolerating her towards the end, but she’s so difficult to like with her childish personality.

Bella Swan from Twilight series

Do I really need to explain? She’s such a doormat–my least favorite type of heroine.

Anna Karenina from Anna Karenina

I get it—she was a “victim” of society at that time, but sorry Anna you are a drama queen and a trainwreck (no pun intended).

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter series

Honestly I feel like I’m always the one with the unpopular opinion all the time. I know Luna is quite loved by a majority of Harry Potter fans, but I honestly could care less for her. Yes, she’s quirky, which makes her so awesome, but I never jumped on that bandwagon. Not to sound mean, but she was just strange and I’m like ehhh…

Amir from The Kite Runner

While I think Amir is a flawed character and it’s totally understandable as to why he did what he did however, I found it hard to sympathize with him. I think his cowardice and selfishness was too much that it made it so hard for me to see that he redeemed himself somewhat in the end. Let’s just say it was all too late.

Romeo and Juliet from Romeo and Juliet

I actually couldn’t decide who I disliked even more, but because they are both annoying it’s only fitting that I put them together. I just don’t buy their love story. They are a poor example of what true love is. Sure they are young and impulsive, but when I read the play, I just want to smack them both in the head. I just don’t see how they could love each other to such a drastic extent so quickly.. But another note Leonardo di Caprio is quite handsome as Romeo in the film…. ❤

Cassia Reyes from Matched 

Cassia was just too boring for me. Honestly a majority of characters in this book I just didn’t click with because they all seemed so bland. Maybe it was just the story that really made it so difficult to connect with hem.

Who’s on your top ten list for this week? Feel free to comment below or leave a link to your Top Ten Tuesday post and I will check it out. 🙂

47 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With

  1. Ok Holden, Bella & Romeo & Juliet are on my list. Cassia I agree with but not until the second book. That’s where I gave up. Poor Eadlyn. I haven’t read this one but everyone hates her. Lol. Now Luna I adore not simply because she is weird and quirky though I do find that charming but she’s a strong female character in her own right. She just doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks and will do the right thing to help out a friend regardless of the consequences.

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    1. HAHA awesome that we have a few in common for our list. Cassia was just a really boring heroine. I had a hard time connecting with her. Eadlyn was just really childish and annoying that it’s quite hard to like her. But do give the book a chance since you may still have the patience for her character. LOL

      I honestly do think that Luna is a strong female character as well, but I’m just not into her character. I don’t even think it’s her “weirdness”…I know this sounds kind of bad but I was just indifferent towards her character.

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  2. While I have to disagree with you on Augustus and Luna, I definitely agree with you on Eadlyn, Romeo and Juliet, and Cassia. Eadlyn especially! She is so spoiled, selfish, and bratty; but you’re right, near the end I started warming up to her a bit. Just a bit. I love the series, so I hope in future books she becomes more compassionate and understanding.
    What a cool post though!!!

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    1. To each their own I guess. It just depends on the reader. Not all of us are bound to like certain characters. 🙂 It’s quite disappointing sometimes though when it’s a main character and it’s so difficult to like them.

      Eadlyn I think improved a bit towards the last few chapters and I hope she does get better in the next book.



        1. It sure is. I love reading other people’s thoughts on certain characters or books especially if it’s the exact opposite of what I thought of. It’s good to read different perspectives.. 🙂

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    1. Thank goodness I’m not the only who was so indifferent towards their romance. I couldn’t even get excited when they got together. Lissa and Christian was actually even more exciting for me.

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    1. Yes I just didn’t care for her character at all. She was just one of the Harry Potter characters that I didn’t really connect with. I’m just like “Oh that’s Luna, she’s kind of odd (not that there was anything wrong with that…) can her dialogue be over now..?” HAHA I do think that Evanna Lynch portrayed her character well though.

      Thank you. 🙂

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    1. Gosh I don’t get the love for Holden. I know he’s probably as equally hated as he is loved but everyone I know or met seems to adore him. He was just that one teenager that you would probably want to smack in the head. He is so superficial!

      Doormat heroines are the worst! They can’t do anything and have literally no backbone….so boring and often difficult to root for them.

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    1. Ughh Cassia. She’s so boring. I think if she wasn’t so indecisive and was portrayed a bit stronger then I would probably like her. It was so hard connecting with her character.

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    1. Maybe “dislike” or “hate” is the wrong term to use on Luna. I just didn’t really connect with her character. Honestly this sounds kind of cruel but I was more indifferent towards her character. If she was there, she was there…if not, then okay. HAHA

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  3. Oh my you spoke my mind! Haha! The way Gus speaks just don’t happen in real life or if it even does, it could be purely a lie. I also hate Bella Swan (vua Kirsten Stewart bc I haven’t read the book yet). Idk, even when she doesn’t do anything, I still hate her. Nice list, Erika 🙂

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    1. I know! In real life it would probably be just acting, unless there is a rare breed of individual who actually talked like that…but honestly I would just be irritated. I mean I’m all for great use of vocabulary, but Augustus was just on a whole another level of annoyance. Uggh Kirsten Stewart. I know that Bella doesn’t have personality in the book either, which ironically fits Kirsten really well because of her real life personality…but she was just too much…She literally had no expression!

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  4. Your thoughts on Augustus and Bella cracked me up! LOL! 😛 I totally know what you mean, though.

    And, I thought I was the only one who was iffy about Luna. I think she is adorable and quirky, but there is something about her that made me feel awkward whenever she was around. It’s not like I have an aversion to quirky people, but I just thought she was a little too…air-headed. Sorry if that offends anyone!


    1. HAHA I just had to say it especially Augustus. I already know that Bella gets a lot of hate, but Augustus seemed to be loved by many and I don’t really see it. He was just annoying.

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Luna’s quirkiness because it does come off as adorable. But yes she was just so awkward..I probably was more indifferent with her character. If she was there then okay. But if not, then I wouldn’t feel anything either. I’m sounding quite mean, but that’s just how I am with her character..

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    1. Oh my goodness. I can’t even have a serious face I am typing my response. From now on, I’m sure every time someone mentions her name the word stripper is going to come to mind. I mean now that I think about it, it’s could as well be a stripper name. HAHAHA

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      1. I know, right? Luna Lovegood. I have a similar problem with Mare Barrow from Red Queen. Every time I see her name I think Bone Marrow. I can’t help it. I almost just typed Bone Marrow instead of Mare Barrow. I had to stop and think of what her name was.

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    1. The plot was just so promising but everything felt flat. The saving grace with this book for me would have been well crafted characters but even that didn’t happen so the whole book was just a disaster!


  5. I like this feisty list of dislikes! I think Anna Karenina isn’t really a character, she seems more like a vehicle for Tolstoy’s fantasies and fears. I do like the brightness of her character at the beginning. I didn’t care for any of the characters in The Kite Runner, which made the whole book a bit meh for me.

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  6. I agree with you on Luna. I think a lot of people hopped on the Luna wagon because she was so different, and they wanted that. It was cool to like Luna because Luna was cool…even though Luna wasn’t cool, really. Just different. My number one was Doc Dubois/Dr Harris from Seveneves. Wade Watts from Ready Player One came in at number 4.

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    1. She was a popular opinion and a favorite because as you stated “different” I honestly don’t get that mindset though. I mean just because everyone thought it was cool to like her doesn’t mean you should. -__- I was just actually indifferent towards her character. She was there, but I could care less about her.

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