Books I’ve Lied About

Come on don’t lie.  Oh the irony. You would probably lying right now if you said you have not.  I know I have. There are just some books that we don’t want anyone knowing we read or said we have read, though in reality we probably never even cracked the book open.  Reasons may include being embarrassed at the fact that we enjoyed the book, afraid someone will judge us for it, or you just want to impress others.

I will admit I’ve had my fair share of books that I lied about.  Thinking back I know I shouldn’t have in the first place, but there is nothing I can do about it now.  So without further ado here are the three books that I lied about.

1) Twilight series

Okay, I did read the first book and was not impressed.  During my high school years and due to its immense popularity, I told everyone that I finished the whole entire series when I really didn’t.  I guess I just wanted to look “cool” because everyone seemed to have read it at that time. Good thing no one caught onto my lie though because the only discussion that most girls had when it came to the books, were them gushing how “hot” Edward was.

2) Crime and Punishment

I actually did read this book but halfway through I couldn’t finish it (the first time I read it)  I think I lied about reading the book because I was trying to impress a guy in my class. This was in high school as well. Oh god thinking about it now I feel so ashamed and really embarrassed.

However, I finally did read it a second time in college because I wanted to give it another chance (I finished it that time—took a lot of effort!) It ended up being an okay read.

3) The Kite Runner

This is not about not having read it, because I did finish the book.  I lied about liking the book and saying how great it was, because everyone I had a discussion with on this book seemed to have enjoyed it and kept praising how wonderful it was.  I didn’t want them questioning me and asking “Oh my gosh why?Why?It’s so great?Everyone loved it. Why not you?! Trust me people have done that to me to the point of annoyance.  I extremely disliked the narrator and I don’t care if he “redeemed” himself.  For those who loved the book I’m sorry but this book frustrated me. It was well-written though, just not a fan of the main character….

Have you lied about a book whether it’s reading it or not liking it (deep down you actually loved the book), etc…? Share and comment below.

P.S. If you never did, I commend you! 🙂


39 thoughts on “Books I’ve Lied About

  1. I love Twilight, but at my school Twilight is considered lame and stupid, so when asked what i thought of it at school, i said i liked it, but i got a scornful look, so i backtracked and said that it wasn’t that good. This was about two years ago, but now i openly say that i love Twilight, and i no longer lie about my feelings on a book just because someone else disagrees with me. 😉

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    1. Lol I may have not been a fan of Twilight but I would never give someone a scornful look to someone who likes the series. There’s definitely no shame in liking a book even if most people thinks the book sucks. 🙂

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  2. I never felt pressured to lie that I read a book as I was the only one around reading. When I went to college, none of my close friends read the same genre as me.

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  3. Edward? wanted to see what it was all about….. watched the movie just to see his face and guess what I was so disappointed I mean *WHAT* I mean HOT or NOT and it was definitely NOT


  4. The Twilight thing cracks me up! I was so against those books when I was younger and eventually read the first one when I was in 8th grade. I liked it, but didn’t really jump on the obsession train or anything, but you lying about the rest of the series just made me laugh. It’s so true though that no one ever discussed the series with any kind of depth and I think even if Edward had been a little cute in the books, the movie ruined the character completely.

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  5. We’re in the same pants with twilight. Like I said, I’ve read them all, but my friends knew me more than I’d have asked for. I got busted! 😉
    But then, I made the lie that I am planning too. Like a close save and they were too distracted to note that too.
    I never understood Twilight or more importantly girls.

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    1. *gives a high-five*…. I didn’t get it either. A lot of my friends enjoyed and loved the series. It was probably the whole vampire thing with romance in it—-just certain aspects of the series that most girls enjoyed reading about. And then there’s “swoony” Edward that sparkles (I could never take that seriously when I was reading it) HAHA

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  6. I definitely agree with The Kite Runner part – I mean, my final decisions when it comes to giving out book ratings would ALWAYS waver! I mean, I’ll panic and and wonder why I’m giving this one such a low score when all of my friends loved it!! It’s scary but yep, kind of true.

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    1. When I was much younger I use to think that every book that everyone seems to love I had to love as well. It’s because I felt like the “black sheep” if I say I hated it! Haha

      I think certain books aren’t for everyone. I’ve read books that people seem to hate but love and vice versa. But yes The Kite Runner seems to get a lot of love–people always recommend it. I don’t get the love for the book but then again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion…

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  7. I’ve only lied (well, I never told anyone I actually finished it but it was definitely implied) about reading Great Expectations for an English class. I had to write an essay for the class and then another one on the final but I managed to keep good notes in class so I had no problem…I still plan on finishing it…someday 😛

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    1. HAHA oh my goodness I feel like Great Expectations is one of the books that most people have lied about reading. I know for sure some of my friends who read it for their English class claimed to have read it but actually just used Sparknotes!

      Like most Charles Dicken’s novels, the book is very difficult to get into…


  8. Okay, it’s Bookseller Admission Time! I lie about at least one book a day. Customers expect me to have read every book they ask about, and although I have more knowledge about books than your average person, it’s literally impossible for me to have read every book in our store.

    The lie is usually “oh yeah, I’ve heard that’s really good!” when people ask me about popular books or authors. If I really don’t know anything about an author or a book then I will be honest, but if you ask me about the latest David Baldacci I’ll probably just say that other customers have liked it. Yes… other customers HAVE liked it… that’s why he’s a best selling author. *shrug*

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    1. HAHA people generally tend to assume that the worker (in your case a bookseller) will know everything about a book. When I was much younger I always had that assumption, but I know that’s so unrealistic to expect the bookseller to know all the books that is in the store.

      If I was a bookseller I would probably say the same thing as well in regards to popular books and authors. They are best seller’s for a reason so I’ll assume that they are good books, though, I have never read it.


  9. I sometimes say I have finished a book and haven’t but it’s only really a lie on those quizzes that ask how many whatever books have you read, and if I have started them I count them. I am ashamed to say I loved Twilight and was in my 20’s when it got popular, but I don’t think I have ever said I haven’t read it.

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    1. HAHA I know what you mean about those quizzes.

      Twilight is either loved or hated (though it garnered a lot of hate later on), but everyone has different tastes. I know a lot of my friends loved the series. As a matter of fact for some of them, it’s the books that got them into reading!

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  10. So glad to finally find other people who didn’t like The Kite Runner. I kept going, thinking, “Any minute I’m going to get it, any minute…”. Nope. Didn’t like it. Didn’t sympathize with the main character. Thought it was quite dull!

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    1. My thoughts exactly! The whole time I was reading it I was hoping for it to get better and maybe start sympathizing with Amir, unfortunately, it did not happen. I despised him….he was selfish, weak, and a coward. I was upset with how he treated Hassan.

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  11. I didn’t like The Kite Runner either. I remember reading it and thinking I hated it, but everyone said it was so good. Another one I think I probably lied about was The Selection. It was okay, but I honestly don’t get why people love it so much. I couldn’t get past 40 pages in the second book.

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    1. Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only one! Every time I asked for a book recommendation, everyone says The Kite Runner. Little do they know I already read it and hated it. HAHA

      The Selection is what I call my “guilty pleasure” read. The books in terms of quality in the content and writing are not great, but I found them entertaining. That’s just me, though! I know people who hated the series and I totally understand where they are coming from.

      Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  12. I lied about my fair share of books in English class. I’m just not good with finishing classics. I would try, I really would! And then run out of time. Thank goodness for Cliffs Notes.

    And I love the HP eye rolling gif. LOL Although as bad as the Twilight series is, I still love it. And I read it as an adult. Is that better or worse? 😉

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    1. Haha Cliffs Notes (made life so much easier in English class) I used Sparknotes a lot back in high school especially with Shakespeare!

      I do know what you mean about classics! I’m sure there’s many people out there to have claimed that they read a certain classic book, but really never read it. 😉

      As for Twilight…it either gets a lot of love or hate. I personally didn’t enjoy the first book so I didn’t carry on reading the rest series, but I know a lot of my friends enjoyed it. So it’s really in a matter of taste. I think it also has to do with the reading experience. It may not be quality writing, but the reading experience must have been great, hence, people enjoyed the series…I don’t think I’m making any sense with this…HAHA

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      1. No you are making complete sense! The writing was bad, the characters so possessive!! But I had a friend who said it just makes you remember that feeling of your first crush/love and that does make you enjoy the books.

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  13. yep…. I have lied about the hunger games series because every one loved this series…. and I didn’t want to be the left one out… also we were liars because it was Soooo bad and I couldn’t Carry on Because I stared it and ahhhhh I couldn’t carry on…..


    1. Awww it’s okay! I don’t want to generalize, but I feel like some people have claimed to read the series since the movies were so popular. But you shouldn’t feel that way, though! I know most of my friends who aren’t readers claim that watching the movie is enough so they don’t need to read the book….I always laugh at that.

      We Were Liars is on my reading list….*gasps* Sorry you didn’t enjoy it.

      Thank you for sharing. 🙂


  14. I’ve lied about reading the Hunger Games. I wanted to read it but I found it pretty boring and I don’t like dystopian books. I’ve also lied about finishing all three Divergent books but I’ve only read the first one.

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    1. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

      Aww darn. I enjoyed both Hunger Games and with the exception of the third book, the Divergent series. But this is due to the fact that I enjoy reading the dystopian genre. However, I totally know what you mean. Everyone has different tastes and books that they like and don’t like.


      1. Divergent was cool actually but just like you said, tastes are different and I certainly enjoy other genres more! Hunger Games series is a bit too much for me~ Thanks for sharing your ‘lies’ at first place!

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  15. I read all Twilight Saga and the Host and feel ashamed about that now, i never mention it to anyone :3 i also accidentally bought the last Fifty Shades because it’s on bestseller section and from the synopsis in the cover i thought it was a thriller book, i disowned it after i read it. I also lied for Dickens, i said i enjoy reading David Copperfield XD

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    1. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

      You shouldn’t feel ashamed. I wasn’t a fan of Twilight but everyone had books that they really liked and there’s nothing wrong if you liked the series. Haha awww… when I first saw Fifty Shades on the shelves I thought the same thing, too! I assumed it was a thriller or suspense..Then I read the synopsis… Oh how wrong I was! xD

      I never read David Copperfield, but I feel like Dickens is one of those authors that you will either love or hate.

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    1. I’m so glad I am not the only one. Everyone seems to love this book and I didn’t get it. There was nothing that I like about Amir. He was self-centered, weak, and a coward. As I mentioned on my post he might have “redeemed” himself, I still find it difficult to sympathize with him.

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