Greetings Earthlings

Ah the infamous “about me” page.  I always find it a struggle to write this specific page because I feel like I will bore my readers.  I try to be clever, witty, and at least somewhat funny when writing about myself but then I come to realization that I am just not good at that stuff.  Regardless, here are some things about me.


1) So as you already know my name is Erika.  I may seem shy at first, but once you get to know me, not so much. I’d say I am an outgoing introvert.  I am also a very straightforward person and really sarcastic too, but my intention is not to offend anyone. I just like to speak my mind….often a little too much, actually. 😉
 2) I currently work as a Social Services Director for a long term care facility.  My job is basically to listen to everyone’s problems and try to find a solution and being forever stuck in long meetings. 
 3) I am what you would call, vertically challenged (only 5 ft in height) so I always get mistaken for a little kid or a high schooler even though I am much older.
 4)I love food.  Most people look at me and assume I don’t eat anything except a bowl of salad because I am skinny.  If I had to choose between a steak or salad you can bet I’ll pick the former any time.
 5)I love to read and I am not too picky on what kind either (classics, young adult, new adult, contemporary, mystery, non-fiction, etc…) but if you want specifics my absolute favorite are dystopian-themed novels..  However, any genre is fine as long as the premise pique my interest and if it’s well-written.  On another note, I will always prefer a physical copy of a book (doesn’t need battery and you can throw it across the room if you didn’t like the ending…)  But e-books are nice too, for convenience  since I can store my books in one device.
6)I find that the best stress reliever for me is to exercise (running to be exact). Although, I exercise to stay fit and healthy as well.  You can probably find me at the gym almost every day.
7)I am more of a homebody. Nevertheless, I am not anti-social nor do I have social anxiety. Let’s just say that I enjoy the comfort of my home.  Instead of partying on a Friday night, I will probably be lazing around at home watching TV/Netflix or reading a book. But don’t be mistaken I do know how to have fun as well! 😉
8)I am open-minded when it comes to music.  For me, if it  sounds good, I like it. Though I am often disappointed when I hear a song that sounds good to me, yet the lyrics sends the wrong message (i.e rap or hip hop- good beat, but degrading lyrics)
9)I really like photography, but I have no talent or skill whatsoever when it comes to that, so right now I just enjoy and admire the pictures on the photography blogs that I follow. My favorite kinds of photographs would probably be scenery pictures though. I always find them so serene and beautiful.
10) No matter how old I get, I will always love Harry Potter and anything Disney.
 This is a book blog so most of my posts are going to be book related, but occasionally I will write about personal stuff and other random things as well.  So if you like my blog please feel free to follow.  If not that’s okay too.  Just glad to know you stopped by.
Hope you have a wonderful day, lovely person! 🙂 ❤

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