Books That Had Me Reaching Out For A Box Of Tissues

The wonderful thing about literature is that it captures all variations of emotions, from happiness to the darkest moments of the human condition. Melancholic and heart-wrenching books resonate something inside and evoke memories and sensations we can relate to. Therefore, it’s sometimes inevitable not to be emotional and end up crying while reading a certain book. Maybe some of you never shed a tear, but you have to admit, there  must have been that that one book (or books) that at least made you feel somewhat sorrowful. Being an emotional person, there have been so many books that provoked tears-whether it was a death of a character or simply the story is so captivating that it reaches us to multiple levels and that includes sadness. Here are just some books that made me sad, shed a tear, and basically turned me to an emotional mess.  

Warning: Spoilers Ahead If You Haven’t Read The Book.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

When your favorite characters meet their demise, it’s difficult not to be sad over their death. The most devastating for me were Sirius, Dumbledore, and Dobby’s death. Truthfully, the last three books had me emotionally drained.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Truth be told, I actually wasn’t a fan of this book.  I was very bitter after reading, it; however, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t tug at my heartstrings. Hassan was the character I was so emotionally invested in throughout the entire novel. I was sad for him, and the circumstances that he had to endure were heartbreaking. The way he was treated and his eventual death made me a shed a tear or two.

For More One More Day by Mitch Albom

“Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you thought they would be here forever? If so, then you know you can go your whole life collecting days, and none will outweigh the one you wish you had back.”

Excerpt from my review of this book:

These was one of those books that really forces to reflect on yourself. As humans, we seem to naturally have the desire for something or someone we don’t/can’t have. Moreover, we often have a knack of taking those around us for granted, simply because they have been there for us one too many times. And then, we only realize our mistakes when it’s too late.

One of the things that touched me, was the unconditional love that parents have for their children, which in this case Charley’s mom’s love for him.

Night by Elie Wiesel

The Holocaust has been one of my favorite subjects to read about in History class and to this day I still ponder the inhumane acts that one person can do to their own fellow human being. This book made me an emotional wreck. Elie Wiesel recounts his experiences being in the concentration camps.  It’s devastating and all you can do is feel glad that he survived.  As I was reading this, you cannot help but think, picture, imagine, feel what those oppressed people went through— and the sad part of it is you will never really know. On another note, I also read Diary of Anne Frank; however, I don’t recall if I cried or not, but I’m sure that sadness was the only emotion I felt while reading it.

A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks

I was already aware that this book was going to have a sad ending because some inconsiderate person had to spoil it for me. Because of that I knew I wasn’t going to cry when I read it..Boy I was totally wrong.

A tear-jerking romance when you know that the couple weren’t really going to get a happily ever after. Of course, I was bawling my eyes out.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

I feel like there is no explanation for this. Almost any book that has cancer involved or at least a character has some illness and will probably never live for very long…of course you will feel sad. What made it worst was the fact that you didn’t even expect that particular death of a character.

These are just some of the books that made me emotionally drained. I’m sure that there were others that made me feel really sad…

As for you dear readers, were there any books that made you shed tears or at least felt sad after reading? Unless you’re a robot, devoid of emotions ? 😉 Share and comment below.

48 thoughts on “Books That Had Me Reaching Out For A Box Of Tissues

    1. I’ve heard about that. Someone already spoiled the ending for me.Lol Regardless even if I already know I will still probably cry.


    1. First of all thanks for reading this post!

      I’d definitely recommend all of them. Though I did mention that I personally didn’t like The Kite Runner, I would still say read it since you may end up liking it.

      They’re all worth the read! And when you do get the chance, I hope you will like them, too. 🙂

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        1. No rush! So many books, so little time after all. HAHA

          School does take away a lot of your time, so it’s understandable that you won’t have much time to read books for fun. When I was in university I think I was only able to read five books in a whole year! So I know your pain. HAHA

          But hopefully you will still be able to put in some time to read. 🙂

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  1. The last Harry Potter book absolutely killed me. So many tissues were used. I think I may have cried more that it was ending than over the character deaths.
    Aside from what I mentioned above I don’t cry too often when reading, but Khaled Hosseini’s books always get me going.
    The last book that made me cry was The Diary of Anne Frank (for obvious reasons).

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    1. Oh yea the fact that the series was ending made it even more bittersweet and made you even more emotional.
      I’ve heard Hosseini’s books definitely will put you tears in some way. A Thousand Splendid Suns supposedly made people cry. I have yet to read it though I feel like I’m not ready to be emotional at the moment. HAHA
      The Diary of Anne Frank, is quite explanatory. I think anything that is related to Holocaust can make someone emotional. Some may not cry…but at least feel sad about it.


      1. I knew I would feel sad at the end of Anne Frank, but because I don’t generally cry that much, and I knew how it ends I thought I would be prepared and would be ok. Nope.

        A Thousand Splendid Suns is his book that made me cry the most. It is very emotional, but I also believe that it’s his best work.

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  2. I’m not a crier but I definitely feel the sadness of the characters in the books. There are times when I totally feel like crying my heart out, but the tears just don’t come. It’s so sad 😦
    Deathly Hallows really had me very emotionally taxed, though… I felt so numb with grief, seeing everyone I knew dying like that… I honestly thought I’d never be able to feel anything again 😥

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      1. Personally, I didn’t like the DH movies too much. They could’ve been better. Still, I agree, they did inflict fresh wounds with each of the live deaths…


    1. Thank you. 🙂

      Ahh every time I watch A Walk To Remember, no matter how many times, I still end up crying even though you already know what’s going to happen. HAHA

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  3. I can only relate to The Fault in Our Stars put of all the books you mentioned – which by the way, had me crying for 2 hours straight – but I agree that books tend to have an emotional sway on me and there are moments in most books that leave me teary eyes and close to bursting out in tears and some that literally cause the flood in me to break free! Great post! xoxo

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  4. (Yes, me again.) I’m planning to do my own little read-a-thon in September called Sad September. I want to read as many books that will make me cry that month, so I’ve just added everything from your list and the comments to a Goodreads shelf for inspiration. Thanks for writing this post and getting the list started!

    Like I said in another comment, The Book Thief tore me apart. Dobby and Dumbledore killed me too. 😥 I haven’t read any Nicholas Sparks books, but the film for A Walk to Remember is a guilty pleasure of mine and had me crying.

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 I’m glad that this post was helpful for you.

      Oh I know. Poor Dobby! He was one of my favorite characters…Gosh that death scene was so sad in both the books and the movie. 😥 Both the book and the movie for A Walk to Remember made me an emotional wreck. Usually most Nicholas Spark’s books are quite sad and may cause you to shed a tear or two. It seems like The Book Thief will put people to tears. Being an emotional person I already know I will cry if I read it.

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  5. So many tears in Harry Potter! Where the Red Fern Grows is the first book that made my cry. And any book where a pet dues, oh my gosh I can’t take it. I’m a crier anyway, so I probably cry at way more books than the average person. TFIOS was a sob fest!

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    1. Oh my goodness yes. I can’t stand the death of animals as well. :/

      I would agree with TFIOS…not only in the book but the movie as well. I told myself I wasn’t going to cry when I watch the movie, unfortunately,that didn’t work out too well.

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  6. I Definitely Cried at the fault in our stars. then I read it aloud to my boyfriend – and We both cried, then we went to see the film at one of the UK Premier releases and everyone in the cinema was crying – I think this book just permeates Sadness to all those who read it , even if you aren’t actually crying on the outside.
    There have been books that have surprised me, where I thought that nothing about the book could make me cry, then the author pulls out a trick from behind their back and boom emotions everywhere.

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    1. Awww yes The Fault in Our Stars was just too sad. Like you guys, I cried in the theater as well, though I didn’t want to..I was trying to hold back my tears. HAHA

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  7. I think I’ve shed some good tears and sad tears! Happy tears that come to mind were Unteachable by Leah Raeder, and probably one of the Bloodlines books by Richelle Mead. Sad tears would definitely be Norwegian Wood, The Fault in Our Stars (even though I didn’t like it very much in the end), and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (SNAAAAAPE!).

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    1. I know what you mean by happy tears.That’s a good thing. 🙂

      Awww yes Snape.I bawled my eyes out. Heck every death in the last book with the exception of the bad guys I was just so done… emotionally drained.


    1. Awww yes, poor Hedwig. I totally know what you mean. Other than human deaths, I can’t stand deaths of an animal as well, especially if you like them in the book. :/


  8. I agree with HP books, For One More Day, TFIOS though I didn’t shed tears, I just felt the pain from those books. Yeah, there are more books that’s overwhelming and painful to read.

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    1. I totally know what you mean. There are people who won’t really shed tears while reading, but they can definitely feel sad while reading it. I’m just one of the sensitive ones who cries so easily. HAHA


    1. Aww I heard that the book was a tearjerker as well. I know some people are not as sensitive as others but when you’re an emotional person, it is very hard not to cry…I usually tell myself *I’m not going to cry* when I’m reading something sad, but I end up crying anyways. HAHA

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    1. Oh my goodness so many deaths in the Deathly Hallows. When you are so attached to all the characters it isn’t hard to cry your eyes out when they die. :/

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