Books I Have Lied About

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Admit it. We all have done it. (okay there may be a select few who has not) However I now must confess that at some point I have lied about something in regards to books…whether it was liking/hating the book or having read the book (or actually never reading the book) So without further ado here is a list of books that I have lied about.


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Okay I feel like the most horrible person in the world for even lying about this one. I hope God forgives me because honestly, WHO LIES ABOUT READING THE BIBLE?! THE BIBLE?! I don’t exactly remember when I lied about reading it, but the only thing I can recall is someone asking me if I read it and without thinking I said, yes.


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With Twilight I lied about never reading it but truth be told, I actually did read the book…well only the first.  And surprisingly I thought it wasn’t that bad.  I guess at that time I was ashamed to admit that I read the book since I felt like some people would judge me if I told them I read it.



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You know when you read a half of the book but never really finished it; however you claimed you read it anyways. Yes I was one of those people.  When people would talk about this book I would claim that I have read it and how great it was.  Unfortunately I thought opposite; hence the reason why I never finished reading it.  I don’t know why I lied about this one.


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I think it was the hype with this book.  All of my friends (well the ones that actually read) kept talking about this book so one day I just told them that I read the book, too– this was after I watched the movie.  I do own a copy of the book so yes this is definitely going to be read….soon…hopefully 😉

What books have you lied about?


5 thoughts on “Books I Have Lied About

  1. Yeah it’s funny how we are sometimes ashamed to admit we have read certain books, or that we liked them, if everyone else constantly criticises them. I also enjoyed the first Twilight book when I read it (didn’t like the sequels at all though!) but in some circles I don’t mention that because I know I will be judged!


  2. Very brave confession. I said I read the bible to impress a girl then realised she was a Buddhist and read Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism instead. After I impressed with my knowledge she told me about her boyfriend who was a some kind of Buddhist monk. I never dated the girl but the book was pretty cool.

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