I Confess……

Hello again fellow bibliophiles! It has been long since I last posted. Too long, actually but I am back again with a new post. I have been quite busy and it’s not stopping anytime soon. Nevertheless, I have so much free time this weekend and just decided to stay at home and do some blogging. ūüėČ ¬†Besides the weather is quite ugly for my liking (90 something weather) I’d rather stay in and not deal with the heat. ¬†So for today’s post I am going to make confessions…. book related of course! To keep myself from blabbering more about nonsense and wasting time let’s get right to them…..


1.You know the saying ” never judge a book by it’s cover”-well I say screw that because I’m so judgmental when it comes to book covers that I wouldn’t dare touch a book with an ugly (for a lack of better word) cover.

2.Speaking of book covers, I absolutely detest having real life people on book covers. It looks so tacky and lacks creativity. And also covers that has no relevance nor relation to the plot of the book just annoys me…..

3.I hate when people ask me what my favorite book is. How do you expect me to choose just one?! That question is blasphemous!

4.I can read a book in one sitting— if it’s good.

5.When I am getting bored with a book or just not that into it, I tend to skim. Like, right now I’m currently reading The Glass Sword– and I hate to say it but it isn’t so good.

6.I am a procrastinator when it comes to reading long novels…. and I mean the 1000 plus something page novels–I am still in the process of finishing up The Count of Monte Cristo which I started I think 6 months ago…. hehe

7.I own more books than actually read, which I find so embarrassing to admit. Last time I checked, I own 600 books and probably only read a quarter of them.

8.I hate to admit this even more but I own the first two books of the Fifty Shades Trilogy. However, I actually have not read them. They’re sitting on my bookshelf right now collecting dust. Just in case you made an assumption, no I have not watched the movies either and I have no intention of reading the books, ever. I will most likely give it away.

9.I am a book hoarder.

10.I hate book snobs. Nuff said.

11.I read multiple books at a time. I know some people often find that odd or it would it make it confusing for them to read different books at a time. ¬†However, it works for me. ¬†I never confused two or three different books. If I read multiple books at a time I usually would try to mix it up by reading one fantasy and one classic, etc…..

12.I once read three books in one day- and no it’s not Harry Potter. It was Legend trilogy by Marie Lou.

13.Not to sound selfish and rude, but I do not like lending out my books to anyone. I like my books to be in good condition.

14. I judge people who don’t read–and I mean those who are so averse to reading…….sorry not sorry

15.I thank books for making me speak/write with proper grammar as well as expanding my vocabulary.

16.When I am reading a book, I always imagine myself to be the main character. If not, then I like to imagine a character for myself who will join the adventures of the hero or heroine in the book.

17.I  sometimes find it difficult to visualize characters. Often, I imagine a kind of faceless shape in an appropriate outfit or usually a celebrity that fits close to that description.

18.The book jacket of hardbacks irks me. They are so pretty but they are irritating because I have to keep taking them off every time I read, since they don’t remain intact when I read it with it on.

19.I organize my bookshelf by series and author…although I’m thinking of changing it up a bit…

20.I actually don’t understand the hype over John Green’s books. Sorry John Green fans!

21.I am a very fast reader.

22.I actually like like it when there are film/tv adaptations of books even though at times they don’t stay true the book or they turn out awful.

23. I hate when people interrupt when I am reading. When my nose is in a book you should already know that there’s a invisible sign that says DO NOT DISTURB!

24. You will never have to worry about buying my gifts because gift cards to the bookstore or books alone will make surely be appreciated. I am that easy to buy gifts for. ūüėČ

25. I cannot stop reading in the middle of a paragraph. I always have to stop at the end of a chapter even if means I have to keep reading 50 pages more till the chapter ends.

26. I like any kind of books as long as the plot intrigues me.

27. If I spot someone reading a book, I always try to catch a glimpse of the cover.

28. It irritates me when people say that reading is boring…..

29. Sometimes I just want to right one sentence book reviews because some books that I have read only deserve that. Or even worst just a GIF….But of course I wouldn’t do that. hehe

30. There has been a time that I purchase multiple books in a span of 4 days and my mom was so upset with me claiming that ” You haven’t even read the books you read months ago!” She was merely upset at the fact that there is no more space for my books…..yea my mom is a neat freak.

31. I am an adult who loves young adult books. Don’t judge me!

32. I always carry a book with me (if space is available anyways..) even though the likelihood of reading it is slim to none.

33. I never sugarcoat my book reviews to please readers. If I hate a book I will admit it but of course I would do it a manner that doesn’t come off as “rude”.

34. I can read and listen to music at the same time. Some peo

Well that’s it for now for my bookish confessions. I will have more for my future posts.What are some of your bookish confessions? ‚̧





5 thoughts on “I Confess……

    1. Thank goodness you share similar sentiments! The sequel is so boring! I’m still not done reading it even though I started a couple of months ago. I don’t even want to finish it anymore. ūüė¶

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