You’re Not Invited!

We all know we have fictional characters that we definitely would love to have lunch/dinner with, However, have you ever thought of fictional characters that you absolutely would not invite to your fictional lunch/dinner party—-Fictional characters that would make you just so uncomfortable, annoyed, and just find totally insufferable.  Here are just some fictional characters that I would not hesitate excluding on my invite list.

Humbert Humbert from Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov 

Should be on everyone’s number list (well my list anyways) The notorious if not the most, pedophile in literature. The fact that the guy’s name is also his last name gives an indication that he’s a sketchy person, albeit, that’s just I how I perceive it. If you didn’t know Humbert Humbert married his landlady just to get close to her daughter.  Tell me that’s not beyond creepy? Umm in real life Mr. Humbert, Humbert I would report you to the authorities before you can even step into my house because you’re too stubborn to take a no especially when there is a chance that there may be pre-adolescent girls in attendance.

Romeo and Juliet from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Probably the most annoying couple in literature (though Bella and Edward comes close to second in my book).  I get it, they’re young and naive. Yea so was I, but I obviously don’t say “I love you” to a guy the moment I see him. Lust at first sight I call it. Sorry I don’t want all that true love nonsense.  More than anything though, they seemed like a pair of whiny brats who were forever complaining to the Nurse and the Friar when things didn’t go their way.

Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger 

Holden is superficial and a phony.  I get it, you have a lot of angst but honestly I don’t want you whining at my dinner table like a little kid who can’t get what he wants. He’ll probably be whining for being there anyways. In those moments I would probably get sued for strangling him at the dinner table because he is that annoying.

Bella Swan from Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

I’m solely basing this on her personality. Our conversation would just probably kill my brain cells because all the words would be coming out of her mouth were “Edward this, Edward that…”  I get it Bella, your boyfriend is a vampire that sparkles.

Miss Havisham from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Missh Havisham is just a bitter woman.  She would be that one bitter old lady who will insult everyone at the dinner table. I don’t want to make everyone feel uncomfortable so no invite for her!

Which literature character would you not want at your dinner table?  Feel free to comment. 🙂


16 thoughts on “You’re Not Invited!

  1. The first one that came to mind for me was Jacob Black, but that may have been because you mentioned Bella…so a character not related to the things you said would probably be either Christina (mostly the film version) from the Insurgent series or Gayle from The Hunger Games.

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  2. 1. Caroline Bingley. Can you imagine trying to eat with that much derision and condescension directed at you?!
    2. Also Mr. Collins, because…he’s creepy!
    3. Clancy Gray. I don’t need him trying to voodoo whodo my mind when there’s a spoon in my hand, thank you very much!
    4. Peeves the Poltergeist. I mean, it might be interesting to have him there, but…I’d rather not be scraping mashed potatoes off the ceiling for months afterward.
    5. Liam Stewart and/or Will Herondale and/or James Carstairs. I don’t think my husband would appreciate me drooling over them…or, you know, flinging myself into their laps. XD

    This was a fun read, thanks for sharing! 😀

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    1. Haha I knew I was totally forgetting someone! Definitely Umbridge is not invited as well. I don’t all that annoying giggles and clearing her throat at my dinner table.

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