One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you to these three lovely ladies: AnetaTravelling in my Bookcase, and Dee for the nomination!

Here are another seven dull facts about me: 

My favorite drink is water. Yea I know, not only am I boring, I’m also a cheap date. 😉

Roller coaster drops freak me out, yet I still go on them.

Sometimes I think I like food more than people. HAHA

I can never skip breakfast.

I so badly want a puppy; however, due to the “no pets allowed” policy in the apartment that I am currently residing in, it’s quite impossible.

Not only am I very slight sleeper, I am also that one person who will toss and turn for an hour or so before sleep comes to me.

One of my favorite songs to listen to in motivating me to work out….or run is I’ll Make A Man Out of You from Disney’s Mulan.. 😀

As for nominations, I’d like to nominate everyone for this award.  Each of your blogs are amazing in their own way; therefore, you are just as deserving to receive this particular award.
Thank you once again for the three amazing ladies who nominated me.


13 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Oh my, I love your short and sweet facts! The roller-coaster one is one I can relate to. They freak my out so much! What freaks me out worse is rides that spin you in circles to the point where you feel like you’re going to fall out! (this happened to me once and I swear I thought that was the last day I was going to be alive)

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    1. Oh my gosh yes!I’ve been on those and I just hold on for dear life and along with it I would start feeling dizzy. xD Or the ones that goes upside down! I know there’s seatbelts or whatever it is they have to keep you intact but it’s still nerve wracking.


  2. You’re a mind-reader, Erika, or we’re just SO alike, ahah. I prefer drinking water, too, and lots of people find that weird…I’m not sure why -because it’s better?!
    And hm, sometimes I think I like food more than people, more, like, MOST of the time, ahah, food is like, the best hahaha! 😀

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    1. HAHA yay for having so much in common. Great minds think a like although I’m not sure it is applicable in this particular situation. LOL

      And who wouldn’t love food. Food is literary everything! HAHA

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  3. I love roller coasters and rides…I get so excited! And I’m such a light sleeper too, and it sucks because my boyfriend snores and makes a lot of noise in his sleep…so the whole hour process of getting to sleep takes even longer haha!
    Thanks for doing the tag!
    -Aneta x


    1. Oh my gosh I can totally relate to the snoring part. It’s not only annoying but it’s so difficult when you sleep next to someone who snores. You just want to smack them with a pillow. HAHA

      Thank you for tagging me!!


    1. HAHA oh my gosh yes! I usually start screaming even before the drop happens because it eases the anxiety a bit. If I stay quiet, I feel like I’m gonna die or something. xD

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  4. Rollercoaster rides literally give me life. It’s actually pretty funny since in real life my friends know I’m this calm, small girl but I become a maniac when it comes to amusement park rides (one of the reasons why I love to visit Florida, parks galore, haha). It’s just so thrilling. There’s very few times in life where you can feel that same level exhilaration. So I can totally understand why you always feel compelled to go despite the uneasiness. 😛 AND MULAN. ❤

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    1. HAHA I am always uneasy with roller coasters but ironically I love amusement parks. They are always such a fun place to be at. I love the excitement and all that adrenaline rush that amusement park rides bring. 🙂

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