Book Review: Angelfall

Angelfall was a great read, but nothing extraordinary.  Sure it kept me all night, but it’s probably due to the fact that I drank coffee during that time and I had nothing better to do. I am unsure of what my actual rating for this book because while I enjoyed the characters, I don’t know if I was that impressed with the overall story. The plot was simple and it did have an interesting take on angel stories, but I haven’t read that many angel books to compare it to, therefore, it leads me to this notion that it’s great.

My emotions were a roller coaster with this book. The beginning started out really great–Raffe losing his wings, Penryn’s sister getting kidnapped–basically the action-packed scenes.The middle of the book dragged a bit to the point that I wanted to just skim because those scenes were rather dull.   And then we get towards the end and my reaction is:

Penryn was such a great heroine. She is independent, a survivalist, and is so loyal to the one she loves (especially her little sister). She reminded me a lot of Katniss and Tris, mostly the former. She never lost sight of what she was after and went above and beyond to find her sister, Paige. She puts up with her crazed mother and is even willing enough to recruit help from an angel.  And of course we have swoon-worthy Raffe to help her. He is quite sarcastic and his banters with Penryn were the best parts in the books. And he’s neither creepy nor that obsessed hero who stalks the heroine!

While the romance between the two was underwhelming in this book, I am surprisingly glad.  This book has no insta-love people! No declarations of love nor intense make out sessions after just knowing each other a few days or weeks. I am assuming that in the next couple of books of the series, it is when we finally see their relationship develop. So as of now I was satisfied with how the romance was handled in this book.

My main issue with this book would probably be the usual...While I found the concept interesting, I hoped everything was explained more thoroughly. It is lacking in world-building. There is very little backstory of what occured before and after during the attacks of the angels. There were also moments that I found certain aspects in the book to be so contrived. I know that Penryn is portrayed as a kickass heroine, but can you honestly make me believe that she can overpower someone twice her size? Where did she learn all that fighting skills?

With that being said, I did like Angelfall, but I did not love it like I wanted to.  The concept is promising, but Ms. EE really lost me when she didn’t stuck with the plot of rescuing Paige.  Sure it was there, but towards the middle and the end, it just went in a different direction with all the horror and science fiction thing happening. Even though, it did not live up to my expectations, I will still read the rest of the series just to see how everything will pan out.

Did any of you read Angelfall? If so what did you think of it?


6 thoughts on “Book Review: Angelfall

  1. Greta review! Honestly I adored this book for its grittiness and raw atmosphere. If I recall correctly, her fighting skills and ability to overpower someone twice her size was actually explained, and was a result of her crazy mother before the apocalypse! I am pretty sure that was explained in the first book… Or was it the second? Honestly I am not so sure now! 😄
    xoxo 💋

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    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Oh okay. It might have been in this book, but I just don’t remember. HAHA I read this a month ago, so everything is kind of not fresh in my mind. xD

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  2. I definitely agree with your opinion about Raffe/Penryn romance plot. I really appreciated that Susan Ee had them slowly fall for each other and didn’t force their relationship on readers asap. It was a slow burn and that’s so rare with YA books 🙂

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    1. Yes lately it’s been rare to find a young adult book in which the romance is developed. Half of the books that I’ve been reading either has insta-love or just a few weeks of knowing each other they suddenly love one another. I love the slow-paced romance.. it definitely makes the couple’s love for each other more believable. 🙂

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