Not That I Would…..But I Wouldn’t Mind Pushing You Off A Cliff

The title makes me seem like a horrible person with a penchant for violence, but you have to admit there are just certain fictional characters you have an irrational level of disdain for and would have no qualms of wanting to harm because they are just THAT infuriating. Here are just some of the characters in literature that I could not stand and made me seethe with rage every time they appeared in a chapter or on the screen…..

Number One: Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter

This woman is the epitome of vile. If Satan existed in human form, then Umbridge would probably be it.  No other character in the Harry Potter series (maybe Bellatrix Lestrange comes close) made me seethe with rage than Professor Umbridge. She is the worst kind of evil, just plain cruel.   She’s worst than Lord Voldemort. Umbridge portrays herself to be this nice lady, acting all righteous, but you just never know with her.  One minute she will be nice to you, and then all of a sudden she will smile at you,  while watching you suffer from a dementor’s kiss. Umbridge, just made my skin crawl. Every time she appeared in a chapter, I wanted to reach through the book and just strangle her. And remember she hates children…..

Number Two: Joffrey Baratheon from The Game of Thrones

Okay I didn’t read the series, but I’ve watched the TV show. And when I do finally read the books, I’m sure I will feel the same in regards to this sadistic murderer. He has absolutely no redeeming qualities.  Aside from his penchant for executions and sexual violence, what makes Joffrey worse and infuriating is the fact that he is a coward. He crows about the glory of battle until the time comes to unsheathe swords–he gets scared and hides. Joffrey is an arrogant coward and a ruthless idiot. Thank you GRRM for killing off this sociopathic bastard.

Number Three: Everyone from Wuthering Heights

Not only do I hate this book ,everyone in the book I just could not stand. You just have to read the book to know what I’m talking about. And no–Heathcliff is no “romantic” hero.

Number Four: Bob Ewell from To Kill A Mockingbird

Bob Ewell is that one individual you hate to exist, but unfortunately exists. He is a lowly man and is sickening–physically harms his family.  He frames the innocent Tom Robinson for the rape of his daughter (he was the one who actually committed the act) for no reason other than because he was black. A despicable and disgusting excuse of a human being.

Number Five: Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye

Sadly, Holden is the narrator in this book so I had to deal with his whiny and bratty attitude the whole time I was reading. He is not only annoying, he’s also very judgmental–critiquing everyone and claiming to hate people who are insecure, dull, and “phony.” Holden may be one of the most compelling characters in literature, unfortunately I just love to hate him. Holden you are superficial and a phony! You are not evil, so pushing you off a cliff isn’t really ideal. I’d just love to give you a slap in the face–that’s all.

How about you? Are there any fictional characters that you dislike/hate or absolutely just cannot stand? Feel free to comment below.


45 thoughts on “Not That I Would…..But I Wouldn’t Mind Pushing You Off A Cliff

  1. You’re right! There’s no character more vile that Umbridge and Joffrey and their annoying sneering faces. I thank GRRM for finishing Joffrey off but I hate him for not making it a slow and painful death 😀

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    1. HAHA yes I remember in one of your posts that you hated them as well.

      I know! I wished he was tortured instead…That sounds so sadistic, but honestly there are those rare few who deserve it and Joffrey is definitely one of them. God the thought of him just pisses me off. HAHA

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 God he is so infuriating…the actor in the tv series played his character really well. I wanted to strangle him every time he was on screen. HAHA


  2. Bob Ewell was a horrible character ugh. I love what happens to him in the end though.
    And strangely enough, I never really minded Umbridge all that much in the books. She was a horrible character but I didn’t really hate her? I think I’m just weird. I hated her more in the movies because her fake personality just came to life XD

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    1. He’s not as popular, but yes! He’s so awful. I remember when reading the book, I was just so angry and disgusted every time he appeared. It was even worst when I watched the film version.

      Wow you’re the first person who seem not to have much hate for Umbridge. I’ve noticed that the majority of the comments here hated her along with others. I believe she’s one of the top most hated characters in literature. Haha but yes to the movie version, too! God that awful pink outfit of hers and that sweet fake voice. She made my blood boil. LOL

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    1. HAHA just the thought of them make my blood boil, too. I just can’t stop remember some of the awful things that they have done. There is absolutely no redeeming qualities for any of them.

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  3. Oh I love the title for this post so much! 😂
    There are definitely characters that make me feel this way too. I cannot relate to any except Joffrey. Gosh, I remember reading Game of Thrones a year or two back and hating him so so much! Ugh he disgusts me! I have yet to watch the TV series. Great post! I loved it so much! xoxo

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    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Oh my gosh you should watch the TV series. I will admit the actor who plays his character is good–he is so easily hate-able. Every time he appeared in a scene, he just made my blood boil. He is so despicable.

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    1. HAHA thanks so much. 🙂

      People would probably think I’m crazy if I said that to them and ask if I had issues. But I totally know what you mean. Even in real life there are those who exists that can infuriate you. LOL

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    1. Haha I was so pissed off with the book that I don’t even remember half of the things that happened in the book other than Catherine and Heathcliff being annoying characters.

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    1. Yes she is! I have to admit she’s one of the best written evil characters in literature, but god she’s just so vile and Satan like that you can’t help but wish bad things happened to her the whole time you were reading the books. The woman had it coming and I’m glad that she got what she deserved.

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    1. Thank you. 🙂

      Haha me, too! I wished he did when he interrupted his speech. God that woman is annoying. If not Dumbledore, I wished Professor McGonagall did. Thank goodness her evil self is imprisoned in Azkaban!Now she knows what it feels like to get a Dementor’s kiss.

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    1. Exactly! I was like this vile woman still hasn’t learned her lesson. I wished someone used Avada Kedavra on her. HAHA However, being imprisoned in Azkaban is definitely fitting for her.

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    1. I have a feeling I will because what we see on the tv series is probably just a gist of his inhumane acts and psychotic personality–(my assumption anyways).

      He made my blood boil so much in the TV series!

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    1. Oh my goodness yes to that awful outfit of hers and those kittens! And when she does that whole “hem” “hem” thing while giggling at the same time you just want to slap her. The woman is evil personified.

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        1. Exactly! When I was reading the books Lord Voldemort didn’t make me feel the way I felt for Umbridge. Sure I hated him, too, but at least he was upfront with his intentions and you know that he will kill you…With Umbridge she is just so fake and you just never know what she will do to you. The woman is a sadist.

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    1. Joffrey is just awful! Props to the actor who played him as well. I mean there are many horrible characters in the series, but Joffrey takes the top spot for me. I just want to reach out into the television and strangle him every time he appeared in a scene. HAHA

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  4. OH GOD UMBRIDGE. I have never hated anyone as much as her, and that includes real life as well. She’s just… AUGH. Her self-righteous smirk and the sadistic side of her that floats just beneath the surface… again, AUGH.


    1. Everyone seems to hate Umbridge.Oh my gosh yes her smirk. I hated her in the books and it was even worst when we finally get to see her in the movies. I got to give kudos for the actress though. She portrayed her really well. And god that awful pink outfit and her annoying evil laugh. HAHA


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