Book Review: Ignite Me

I truly enjoyed Unravel Me and I would say Ignite Me was fantastic! While it didn’t get into the direction that I wanted it, too, I enjoyed the finale nonetheless. However, it also doesn’t mean I didn’t have issues with it. Looking back Shatter Me was truly not driven by its plot, but rather its characters mainly our main heroine Juliette– basically a character driven series. Therefore if I were to critique this book just based on character development then it would get five plus ratings and I wouldn’t have to complain about certain aspects that I didn’t like in the book. The ending to me seemed more like a beginning in terms of a dystopian series.

I absolutely loved Juliette in this one. She is no longer the weak heroine, but someone who wants to change.  She was the badass heroine that she’s supposed to be. Juliette has so much character development that I can’t helped but be proud of her. It is evident when there are no longer strikethroughs on her thoughts–no more fear, no doubts.

Warner is just amazing and Juliette is one lucky girl. Though I wished he hadn’t gone “too soft”. But don’t get me wrong he is as swoon worthy as ever. 

He’s everything I love about a male character. He’s rough around the edges and acts extremely tough however, under that hard exterior is a broken person who so desperately wants to feel something other than fear and loneliness. Just like Juliette, he had a great character development.

“Warner thinks I’m strong and smart and capable and he actually values my opinion. He makes me feel like his equal—like I can accomplish just as much as he can, and more. And if I do something incredible, he’s not even surprised. He expects it. He doesn’t treat me like I’m some fragile little girl who needs to be protected all the time.”

-Juliette on Warner when Kenji asked what she liked about him

I love Warner. I have to be honest, I mainly like this book because of Warner. He’s everything I could ask for. I like how Juliette becomes a strong person when she is with him.

Adam on the other hand did a complete 360 when it came to his personality. While I understood and sympathized with him, it was shocking that he could say such harsh things to Juliette. Although, I have this feeling that Ms. Mafi made him that way to make the readers prefer Warner over him, albeit that’s only my assumption.

“No—you don’t understand anything,” he snaps. “You don’t understand me, you don’t understand yourself, and you don’t understand that you’re acting like a stupid child who’s allowed herself to be brainwashed by a psychopath.”

Adam you’re a jerk.

As for Kenji he is awesome just like before and such a great comedic relief.  He had so many great one liners and he really does seem like the perfect best friend. He’s brutally honest in the best way, and he knows when it’s appropriate to make jokes.

I enjoyed the romance in the book. Though at time cheesy and somewhat cliche, it was just right. It wasn’t rushed and it was a slow build-up. However, I will admit that in the end I wanted more because you just can’t help and root for more scenes with the couple. As far as the plot and world building is concerned, it leaves a lot to be desired. In the end, the series wrap up was a bit weak on plot.  There weren’t many action packed scenes that I was hoping for and I felt that Ms. Mafi was rushing it since it was only covered in a few chapters. Things came together too easily and rather late and didn’t fully resolve enough. I wished Tahereh Mafi wrote another book because I really need more Warner and Juliette. Overall, I enjoyed this book very much, despite  its flaws because it just has that incredibly addictive quality to it that won’t let you put it down, hence, I am generous enough to give the book a rating of five stars.

So would I recommend the trilogy? Absolutely!


15 thoughts on “Book Review: Ignite Me

  1. Your review is making my heart beat with excitement! I’ve only read Shatter Me and Destroy Me but I have Unravel Me on my shelf right now! Im falling for Warner, and I seriously cannot wait to read more of him! xoxo

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  2. I think Adam was a confused character. He fell for an ideal and not a person. I thought of him as the Prince Charming type character. Imagine if we got to read what happened after the prince kissed Show White. Did they really live happily ever after when all he knew of her was an idea? He didn’t know her personally. The same thing with Adam. He didn’t truly know Juliette. Warner, although fascinated with the idea of Juliette, got to know her. His love grew as a friendship developed. Adam never moved past the rescuing of Juliette. At some point, she no longer needed to be rescued. She accepted herself and moved on. Adam was stuck.

    All that to say, I didn’t see him as a jerk. Just a poor confused boy who wanted things to never change.

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    1. Oops I should have made myself clear on the whole Adam is a jerk thing. I don’t really think he’s a jerk–it was just in that particular situation that I think of him as a jerk.

      I definitely agree. Even Juliette made the point that Adam really didn’t know her. I definitely understand where he is coming from. He was definitely confused and he did fall for an ideal and unfortunately that’s all there is to it.

      I’m just glad that he accepted it in the end and he and finally got along with Warner. 🙂

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    1. Yea me, too! I’m so glad that I continued with the series despite my disappointment with the first book. I would say that the books was addicting. HAHA Definitely a yes to Kenji. I wish I had a best friend like him in real life. 😀

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  3. I felt the same way about the ending! I really loved the characters but the plot? Not really. That ending created more questions than it answered and I legit thought my book was missing pages!

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    1. Exactly! When I finished the book I thought “That’s it?!” The plot that kind of took a backseat in the series and was really rushed. The takedown of the Reestablishment wasn’t detailed enough nor was it anticlimactic. It happened too fast and too easy. I really want Tahereh Mafi to write another book to follow up on what happened after. HAHA

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      1. Me too! I’d even be happy with an epilogue. Just seems like its kind of a shame to leave a story hanging like that, especially when its so beloved by fans. Crossing my fingers for the tv show to expand on the ending!

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    1. Yes! I was first disappointed with the first book because I was expecting it to be a “dystopian” novel, but all it was was romance. However, as I kept reading the series, it got a bit better. It’s an entertaining series and one that I could definitely put down!

      Thank you. 🙂


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