Non-Bookish Related Post: Unfollowing Blogs

Hi everyone! So this is rather a random post. I am not sure if anyone is experiencing this but some of the blogs I’ve been subscribing/following are no longer appearing on my feed, only to find out that I have “unfollowed” them without my knowledge.  I’ve been wondering as to why posts of some occasional bloggers here on WP of whom I follow no longer pop up on my WP reader. I discovered this when I was looking at tags and found that one of the blogs I follow (this blogger posts a lot so that’s how I recognized their blog), I am no longer following. I think there must be something that is causing you to “unfollow” a blog. So is there anyone experiencing this? Do you think it’s a bug? Or maybe it’s just me (i.e I may have accidentally unfollowed someone while scrolling on my reader)

If I was a subscriber/follower of your blog (to your knowledge), and is no longer following you, let me know! If this is an issue that WordPress is experiencing in general, I hope it gets resolved soon!

Have a great day everyone!


35 thoughts on “Non-Bookish Related Post: Unfollowing Blogs

    1. I think so, too. For some reason I’m not following you either–but I do recall following your blog.Oh my goodness I hope WP fixes this.


  1. I had that problem when some people were moving over from a site to a site. When you move, your followers should automatically migrate with you in most cases but I wasn’t migrating. I think I had to hit follow multiple times before it worked and they started to appear in my feed.

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  2. Oh dear, that does seem like a lot of unwelcome trouble! I’ve been quite on and off WP lately, just barely skimming through my Reader, so I haven’t really noticed. I’ll definitely check, though. Thanks for sharing this, and I hope it gets fixed soon!

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    1. It’s probably not happening to you which is a good thing. I had to refollow a few blogs, even multiple times because WP keeps telling me that I’m not following them.. :/ Hopefully this problem gets acknowledged.

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      1. Oh, that must be quite the hassle! 😦 I can imagine your frustration of having to refollow blogs multiple times. :/ Best of luck! Maybe it’s glitch that will go away soon…? Perhaps as more bloggers notice this issue, something will be done to further investigate the problem. 🙂

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        1. It is. :/ I do hope it is just a glitch..

          So far I only know a few who at least experienced this, but if it does start happening to a lot of bloggers then hopefully WP resolves it.


    1. Could be. But then there’s some inactive blogs that I have been following for months now. Moreover, I mostly read people’s post via reader so I don’t go visit their blog site unless their post is only partially showed on the reader hence I have to go to that blogger’s main site.

      You’re one of the blogs that I had to refollow because for who knows what reason you were on my recommended blogs to follow which I found odd because I already knew I was following you. I had to refollow quite a few blogs actually, and these bloggers were the ones that usually post mostly on a daily basis.

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    1. Yes that’s so true. I could have been following a blog for months now and just assumed that the person is inactive, only to find out that they were actually unfollowed. If there is a bug causing this then I hope it gets fixed.

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    1. I know quite a few people who is experiencing this. I think it has been asked in some WP forums but it’s not being acknowledged or at least no answers are provided for this issue, if there is any.

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  3. Me too!! I once had to follow my friend 3 times in one day because it kept showing that I wasn’t following her. It’s so weird! There are times when on the mobile site it says I’m not following someone even though I know I am and then on the website version it’ll say that I am. I’m not sure what’s going on but it drives me nuts.

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    1. I know what you mean. On my followers section I have to click follow multiple times until it lets me know that I am following the blog….It’s indeed very odd.

      And yes on my mobile app some of the blogs I follow don’t even pop up on my feed but does on the website.It’s so weird.

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  4. I think that sometimes, it may be our fault that we accidentally unfollowed someone. However, I don’t believe that this is the case every single time.

    I think that this nonsense has been happening during the last 2 months or so. I personally have to “refollow” several bloggers, sometimes, I even have to refollow a single blogger for a few times.

    This issue has been asked on the WP forum several times but no one seems interested on enlightening us on the reason for this…

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    1. It’s definitely a possibility.

      That happened to me as well. I have to keep clicking “follow” multiple times….I hope it gets resolved soon, if there really is something that is causing this particular problem.

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