Top Ten Tuesday:Ten Books I Probably Will Never Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they provide a topic, and you choose ten books that answer that topic. This week’s topic is top ten books I will never read.

“Never say never”  And I do believe that holds true for the most part since our opinions of something does change over time.  However right at this moment, there are just some books that I strongly believe that are not for me and can’t bring myself to read because I simply refuse to give it a chance for what I would say “reasons”  Moreover, I will apologize in advance if some of you like the books that I listed. The only thing I can say is that every reader is not the same and we all form different opinions on books. So without further ado here are the ten books that I probably will never read in no particular order:

Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James

I can probably list numerous reasons as to why I will never read the trilogy, but my main issue is the fact that it’s based on Twilight fan fiction and some people claiming it as “literature”. I know everyone defines literature differently, but in my opinion these books are far from it.  On another note, I love the animated movie Anastasia and I fee like Ms.  James has ruined it for me by naming her protagonist the same name. (yea I’m weird)

 Eat, Pray, and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I’ve seen multiple copies of this book at my nearby thrift store and it only costs 50 cents.  If I wanted to read it I would have probably bought it a long time ago. There’s just something about this book that does not appeal to me.

Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer

Okay I did read Twilight, but I didn’t like it.  Due to its immense popularity during my high school years and half of my friends praising the books I had high expectations only for it to be a huge letdown. As for the rest of the books I still don’t want to read them.  My apologies to Twilight fans. I also can’t take it seriously when a vampire “sparkles”….

Moby-Dick; or, The Whale Moby Dick by Herman Melville

I don’t think I can handle reading 600 something pages about a fish.  It will probably bore me to tears.

If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman

I’m sure a lot of people liked both books, but the premise didn’t interest me in the slightest bit.  I think I’ll past.  I didn’t watch the movie either.

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

The only way that you will get me to read this is that I have to be locked up in a room for days with only this as my choice of reading material.  Otherwise, the chances of me reading this book is slim to none.

Anything Shakespeare that I have not yet read

I’ve had enough of Shakespeare in high school. I don’t want to torture myself anymore.  Maybe someday in the future and I mean, not for a very long time I’ll probably read one again, but as of now, no.

The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith Vampire Diaries

Meh…I do love the TV series though.  And I think it goes the same for other books that have already been made into TV series that I haven’t had a chance to read yet (i.e Pretty Little Liars)  I read the Gossip Girl  series in its entirety; however, the TV show was way better.  I guess I just didn’t want to be disappointed either.  Rumor even has it that L.J. Smith got fired because the publisher didn’t like her planned ending though that’s really not relevant as to why I don’t want to read the books.  I’ll just stick to watching the show.

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

I honestly cannot deal reading about emotionally abusive heroes who are also assholes along with him and the heroine having an unhealthy/dysfunctional/toxic relationship. Even if he had redeemed himself at some point,  I’ll probably just end up being angry and frustrated reading this.  It’s just best to avoid it reading the book entirely.

Celebrity Biographies

Anything that is written by Justin Bieber, The Kardashians, Kanye West, or any celebrity for that matter (yes even celebrities that I actually like) I absolutely refuse to read.  It’s just not my cup of tea.


47 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday:Ten Books I Probably Will Never Read

  1. I read If I Stay, but thought it was pretty mediocre. I have no desire to pick up the sequel. The first one was just to blah for me.

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    1. You’re one of the few who seem to think so which is rather refreshing. Everyone seems to love it. I don’t really see what’s good about it. The plot doesn’t interest me.


      1. Yea, I feel the same way. It’s everywhere and everyone loves it, but I thought the story and writing were mediocre and didn’t do much to hold my intention (I barely finished it), so I don’t blame you for not wanting to pick it up.

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  2. A vampire should burn, rather than sparkle. I didn’t like If I Stay that much but I actually really liked Where She Went 🙂 I watched Anastasia when I was younger but but now the name is a reminder of 50 shades :/ Great list!

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        1. Oops I didn’t make myself clear on my last comment. I was referring to the sparkling vampire…But yes E.L. James and naming her protagonist Anastasia. Such a pretty name, too and now it’s been tainted. ahaha


    1. I’ve heard so many negative things about Fifty Shades yet I can’t comprehend the fact that it has become so popular. And sorry to hear that you wasted your time reading them. Some of my friends love it and were even eager to see the movie when it came out, but I just don’t get it. It’s so badly written. I’ll never know…..

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  3. I like how you said “never say never” at the beginning because I’ve been reading a lot of these lists today and I’ve seen so many with books I’ve loved and it’s hurt that people would never consider reading them. That being said, my list would be very similar to yours lol I agree with a lot of your choices.

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    1. I don’t want to firmly say I will never read a certain book because months or years from now I may change my mind and may eventually give it a chance. Though fifty shades and twilight most likely never. As of now these books are just the ones that come to mind that I’m refusing to read. And looking at my endless to read list…the books that I have on my list are more appealing to read and probably worth more of my time. I just don’t want to waste my time on books that I probably wouldn’t enjoy anyways.

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      1. I’m the same way. I never say I won’t read a book I just say there are more interesting books to me now that I want to read. My tbr list is so long it’s going to take years to get through, there’s no point adding books I don’t think I would enjoy at this time.

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  4. I put Twilight and If I stay on mine too. Hehe. Love your answers. ESPECIALLY THE LAST ONE!!!!! Like, honestly? Celebrities were not meant to be authors. Except for the ones who are celebrities because they are authors. (If there are any of those – i am seriously the most disconnected person ever)

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            1. I think that’s fine. It’s never too late. At least you plan to read them! 🙂 I’m still having a hard time convincing some of my friends to read them. But I guess it’s just not for everyone.haha

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  5. I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love and didn’t think it was something I’d want to invest my time in reading even though it is short. And haha, I think 50 Shades of Grey is on everyone’s list this week. XD

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    1. I haven’t watched the movie and probably won’t anytime soon. But between watching and reading I’ll probably watch it. As for Fifty Shades it doesn’t surprise me. ahaha

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  6. Looks like Twilight is the most common among all those who made their lists and I would agree with you :D. Also, you’re right about books turned to TV series. Unfortunately, the actors can play it better than how book authors portray it.


    1. That and Fifty Shades.haha And yes I agree with the whole actors portraying it better. Maybe not all the time but from reading a book series like Gossip Girl, the actors did really well.

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  7. I didn’t make a list but when I was thinking about it, I didn’t even think about celebrity biographies but wow it’s so true! I was at the library for a group project and we all just kind of laughed at the Justin Bieber biography on the shelf.
    On the other hand, I think I’d have to agree with you on the Fifty Shades thing (like everybody else) and If I Stay. Even if I got a cheap copy from Half-Price Books I doubt I’ll ever get around to reading it.

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    1. Right?! It’s just as long as Les Miserables! And I’ve read Anna Karenina before and didn’t like it so I think I need a break from any Leo Tolstoy book for now.

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        1. I did and it was torture. The premise interest me so I bought the book (though for a rather cheap price) so no regrets there; however, the writing was too much for me. It was too long and really unnecessary.

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    1. I do agree with the hype surrounding this book and that’s one of the few reasons (aside from the fact that the story doesn’t intrigue me one bit) I will not read the book. My friends liked the movie though, which I probably will never watch anyways.

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      1. Yeah, i had a friend that claimed its was amazing and her favorite book ever blah blah blah, so obviously i had to check it out! The story didn’t intrigue me but i was still willing to give it a try and ugh, it was horrible! Even if the movie is good, i honestly don’t think i could watch it after forcefully reading through if i stay.

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  8. I have seen Fifty Shades on so many lists today! (Including my own.) I forgot about Eat, Pray, Love. I read the Italy part (Eat) and then set it down, never to be picked up again. That was a few years ago. Totally agree with the classics you picked as well. No thank you.

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    1. I think Fifty Shades is on the majority of everyone’s lists. The Eat part does appeal to me though because I do love food; however, it is non-fiction and I don’t really read much from this genre.

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        1. Exactly! All of my girl friends have been recommending it to me but honestly I’ve read enough bad reviews in regards to this book to the point that I just don’t want to give it a chance at all. Unless someone paid me enough money…haha Kidding aside I actually did read an excerpt of the first book; however, the writing was so terrible and there were too many grammatical errors.

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