Desserts and Drinks

Aside from water and caramel macchiatto from Starbucks, I have to say I love milktea (Thai Tea being my favorite) with pearl/boba or jelly whatever topping you want to put on it.  Today a recent Vietnamese drink and dessert cafe recently opened where I live nearby and you don’t know how ecstatic I am!  The place not only sell milktea but also smoothies, fresh tea, coffee beverages, and Vietnamese dessert drinks which are amazing by the way!  The milktea place that I usually go to is almost a half hour drive which is torture since I am rather a lazy driver.  And honestly for just a drink that’s too much hassle.  As for my opinion on the taste of their desserts and drinks…so far it has been satisfying.  The taste is just right: not too sweet and not too bland= just perfect since I’m not really into sugary drinks that much which I noticed that some of the places I go to put a lot of sugar on their drinks.  Not only that but you get a variety of different toppings that you can put on your drinks and they’re very generous portions too!  And for the price of $3-4 (add 50 cents for size up) it’s a pretty good deal for a drink or a dessert! Knowing myself, I’ll probably be a frequent customer there. So these are what I ordered today. The quality of the photos are not that great (and probably doesn’t do justice- but trust me they taste great) And no they are not all mine.


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