What I Learned From Being A Kid

My blog is technically a book blog since the content is mostly book reviews and anything book related.  Though this is the case, from time to time, I want to make posts that is totally not bookish related–maybe personal thoughts or just something really random because I can’t seem to stop myself from posting other things (as seen on my other previous posts in the last couple of months)

 Of course, it will still be a book blog with just little things in between.  So for today’s miscellaneous post, I found this blog post topic online and wanted to share: What I Learned From Being A Kid

Childhood Rocks!

You have to admit at some point when you were a little kid, you wanted to grow up really fast.  However, now that I am much older, I can’t help but sometimes wish I was still a little kid—feeling carefree and not have to worry so much about anything.  Although as they say, growing old is mandatory, but growing up is an option.  Maintain that inner child; however, also keep in mind that you’re an adult so behave and act like one when you have to.

It’s not the end of the world if you fail at something

Even at a young age  I was already an overachiever.  I was always focused in academics and getting good grades.  Once in the fourth grade, I failed a math test—I was stressing out, though, I am unsure if a kid that age should be feeling that anyways. I didn’t want to show my mom my grade because I thought she was going to get mad.  However, the most unexpected thing happen and she tells me”  “It’s okay, just do better next time.”

It’s okay to say “I don’t know” than lie and pretend that you do

When some of my peers discussed certain topics that I actually didn’t have a clue about, I pretended that I knew what they were talking about because I wanted to be cool and be knowledgeable with the latest trend when in reality that was false.   And basically just had this desire to be part of their conversation. Trust me, the truth will be revealed and when that happens kids will call you out. I usually tried bluffing my way out of it when they found out but I just had no idea–was digging my own grave.  I realized that in those moments that the world will not end (yes it’s embarrassing and people may laugh but it won’t be for forever–unless they are really childish about it).  Just admit you don’t know and move on.  No need to impress everyone all the time.

Friendships Are About Quality and Not Quantity

When you have many friends, you have this notion that you were cool and popular (well when you are young, you want A LOT of friends—like they say “the more merrier”, but now that I’m older that statement doesn’t hold so much truth compared to when I was younger—for me personally anyways). Half of my so called friends when I was younger are no longer in my life.  And it’s probably because we weren’t really friends to begin with–you know people you refer to as friends but don’t really spend time with or talk to outside of school.

Books Taught Me Well

If you read, you will always gain some new knowledge whether it’s something trivial to others or something that is really interesting that you can share with other people. One of my biggest and proud accomplishments was teaching myself how to speak and write fluently in English by reading a lot of books. I was an eight year old struggling to speak the language (I didn’t even want to go to school!)—however, in about two years I was fluent in speaking it.  I guess it also really helped that I learned it a young age. On another note, if you read books,  I think you will never really feel lonely or bored.

Jealousy Is An Ugly Trait

I will admit I had jealous tendencies when I was younger. I am an only child so I guess being spoiled kind of made me that way. I remember being jealous of my 5 year old cousin for getting all the attention from one of  my aunts. It’s because I was her favorite and I was’t accustomed having her not focused on me.  Although, technically she gave us equal attention.  She really spoiled me, probably even more than my mom.  I was 10 at that time.  Yes I know that shouldn’t excuse my behavior because I was just being a selfish brat.  I hated it, but then I hated myself even more for even feeling that way when I shouldn’t have.

Losing is Okay, And Sometimes Can Even Be A Good Thing

If there is one thing that I hated when I was younger- it was losing. I was very competitive and wanted to be at the top or first place–whether be at racing another kid on bike, playing checkers, a test, or the science fair competition.  I recall entering an essay competition in the fifth grade and I honestly thought I would do so well and win, though that was not the case.  Two of my friends both won (since I believe there were five winners total) and the reason being is that they wrote really great essays while mine paled in comparison.  That day I realized that you’re not always going to win and that someone is going to be better at you at something–whether you like it or not.  And sometimes losing is just as good as winning because it motivates you to improve and aim to do better.

Learn To Stand Up For Yourself

Okay maybe not in a violent way, but it’s good to make it known that you are not going to cower in fear and wait for mommy or someone else fight ALL your battles.  Kids can be downright mean, but show them that you can stand your ground and will not back down—sometimes playground justice is necessary with no adult backing you up.  It’s a learning experience. And trust me you will go a long way especially as  you get older because you will meet people who aren’t always going to be nice.


11 thoughts on “What I Learned From Being A Kid

        1. Oh I see. You’re definitely one of the only few people who would think I’m Filipino. Everyone else seems to mistake me for another nationality most of the time. haha


  1. I agree with all of these,as I can relate to most of them.
    Where are you from by the way?And have you finished your studies or are you still in high school?


  2. These are great life lessons! I teach 5th graders, and they struggle on and off with these. I see so much character grow over the course of a school year. The next best thing to being a kid is watching and helping them grow. 🙂

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