First Day of Internship

Today was my first day as an intern at the hospital and I was only there for four hours, yet I’m so exhausted.  Then again, having to stand and walk for four hours straight can be tiring.  I can’t feel my legs, my back hurts (I don’t know why), and I just want to sleep.  However, I can’t skip the gym today because I know I will regret it anyways and start complaining how I didn’t get my work out.

Anyways, as for my first day at the hospital, it wasn’t that bad.  I am assigned at the Emergency Room because I thought it would be more exciting than just sitting at the front desk having to plaster on a smile the whole time.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a friendly person but smiling too much hurts.  And usually you just sit there and I honestly cannot sit still for four straight hours! This meme captures the right reaction that I will have if I was working at the front desk:

Since it was my first day, I didn’t really get to do much, and as interns, we technically s don’t need to do a lot and patient contact isn’t actually allowed.  All I did was follow the nurses around assisting them with whatever they need, such as delivering blood and urine samples to the lab, or watch them take EKG on patients (I watched too many that it kinda got repetitive and boring).  In addition, I just realized that I can actually handle blood and seeing nasty wounds on patients.  I thought I would faint or vomit because some of the cuts, abrasions, and wounds were gross and  definitely not for the fainthearted. Probably the most interesting thing I saw today though was a patient being restrained on a bed. I’ve seen it on television and in movies, but never in real life so I thought it was interesting in a way seeing it for the first time.  Overall, my first day was okay.  Some of the duties are repetitive, but the overall experience should be worth it.  If I want to be working in a health care setting, then this internship should give me an opportunity to learn and get some experience; and hopefully will benefit me when I start applying for full time jobs.


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