Annoying Gym Pet Peeves

My non-related book post in awhile.  I have a lot of pet peeves and I thought I would share some of my pet peeves when it comes to going to the gym.  I am a regular at the gym so I’ve seen it all.  Here are just some of my own personal pet peeves:

Annoying Gym Pet Peeves 

1. When someone chooses the machine LITERALLY next to you while there’s other plenty of available ones around.  I think sometimes people forget that there is unwritten rule when it comes to personal space.

2. People not cleaning after themselves. There’s always that one person who uses a machine/equipment and not wipe after using them.  That is so unsanitary and rude.

26 Peeves Gym Junkies Know Too Well

3. When that one guy just can’t take a hint. I get that the gym can sometimes be a way to meet new people, but with previous encounters, it was always someone trying to flirt with me.  Sorry, but I’m busy and I’m here to work out.

4.People who forget the importance of hygiene.  Trust me, I’ve been tempted to give away my deodorant a few times and had the urge to bust out my body spray and just spray it around the gym.

5. Inconsiderate people who talk on the phone during their entire workout.  Quick phone conversations are fine with me-a few minutes, but more than that is pushing it.  Take it outside.

6. Weights/Machine Hogs.

7.When people are there to socialize than actually work out.


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