Crepes, Anyone?


I love crepes.  And I regret to say that I found about this food kind of late.  It was during high school when I took French. Oh how I miss the class, and Madame Mumford, such a sweet and amazing lady.  She is the main reason why French class was my favorite subject in high school.  We would play games as a way to learn, and she would always bake a cake for the class; and on your birthday, she would give you little presents.  Anyways, my favorite part of the class was probably when we had to make crepes.  I am no cook, but crepes are probably one of the few recipes that I can cook successfully. What I love about crepes is its versatility. You can put whatever you want on it: fruits, meat, vegetables, ice cream, etc…basically any topping you want.  In addition you can also eat it anytime- breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack.  I think the last time I ate a crepe was when I went to the Philippines (picture above).It was a dessert crepe-filled with rocky road ice cream (my personal favorite), bananas and strawberries, and sprinkled with marshmallows and almonds.  It was delicious!  As I’m sitting here typing, I really want some crepes now.  Maybe I should go to the kitchen and start cooking some right now. 


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