Day 24:Your favorite series

Oh Harry Potter…Where do I even begin? Harry Potter  is my childhood and J.K. Rowling is my hero for writing this AMAZING series! And for those who claim these books are overrated……

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I read the first book when I was in 10 and I am glad I did. Because of my love for the first book, I immediately went to the library near my neighborhood and borrowed the other three books. (during that time only 1-4 were released)  I devoured the books in about a week and a half. Immediately after finishing all the four books, I knew I had to OWN the copies.  Therefore, I begged my mom to buy them for me

She did and I was so happy.   girl animated GIF     If there is one thing that my mom would buy for me without question and hesitation, it would be books.  Okay I digressed a little bit…..Anyways the reason why I love this series is summed up in this photo.

My apologies to Twilight fans, but I have to agree with Stephen King here.

Okay here are some of my reasons as to why Harry Potter is my favorite series.

Plot: Harry Potter is probably one of the books that I read that had a great plot.  Each individual book in the series is amazing in their own way, with so many twists and surprises so I always end up with these facial expressions when I read something shocking or when my guesses were correct.

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However, what truly amazes me is the fact that all the 7 books come together and fit as a coherent whole.  Everything makes sense because they are all connected.  J.K. Rowling is brilliant for this.

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Themes: Besides the obvious good vs evil, Harry Potter tackles on some deep themes throughout the series such as choices, coming of age, friendship and loyalty, death and it’s meaning to life,  and love while not making it look too cliche or tacky.

Characters: I’ll admit I probably loved the majority of the characters in the Harry Potter books.  From Neville’s transformation to a scared and forgetful boy to total badass by killing Nagini; to Snape being such a hateful character in the beginning only to realize that he was very loyal; to Dumbledore-the brilliant, wise, and greatest wizard who isn’t as pure as a character as we thought him to be, Harry- well because he’s the hero and he’s brave, and of course Hermione- my all time favorite book heroine. I’ve always wanted to be like her. Rowling’s characters are written with so much depth and emotion that you feel connected and sometimes find yourself empathizing with them, even if you don’t condone their actions (i.e Lord Voldemort). They often start off as one dimensional, but as you keep reading the books you learn more about each and everyone of them (main or side characters), and that there is more to them than what’s on the surface.

Magic: Let’s be honest here.  If Hogwarts existed, you know you would want to go there.yes animated GIF  I love the world that J.K. Rowling has created. Being able to do magic is definitely something everyone wishes they could do and Rowling takes us to a world where it is possible….a world with wands, potions, spells, time turners, flying broomsticks, dragons, and many other magical creatures.  I want my own invisibility cloak and play Quidditch.

Happy Ending: I love my happy endings okay. I know some people believed that Harry should have died;  however, I am so glad it ended the way it did  .yes animated GIF  I’ve suffered enough deaths throughout the book (i.e Dobby, Sirius, Dumbledore, Snape, Lupin…..-characters that I loved!)  

Movie Versions: This has really nothing to do with this post but I wanted to add it anyways.  I loved all the Harry Potter movies.  The movies were neither flawless nor perfect.  There were very important details and parts in the books that were not shown in the movie. It’s understandable though, especially when you can only compact so much into a two hour and a half film.  So for those who complain

I love all the actors.  They were great in their roles. And honestly I couldn’t imagine any other actors  playing Harry, Ron and Hermione than Daniel, Rupert, and Emma (actually practically all of them…from Alan Rickman as Snape, Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall, Helen Bohnam Carter as Bellatrix…you name it. ) On another note, I know people who watched the movies and didn’t read the book get all confused.   Trust me, you’re missing out on this AMAZING and REMARKABLE piece of literature.

Nostalgia: Despite the series being over, I still love Harry Potter and I don’t think that love for the series will ever lessen or change.  I’ve re-read them multiple times to the point that the binding is falling apart and the pages are getting old and yellow (three of them) and along with that, when they have the Harry Potter movie marathon *coughs* ABC Family, I always watch them, even though I already have them on DVD.

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