Day 23: A book you once hated, but now loved. What changed?


I wouldn’t say I love this book, but more of I somehow appreciate it now than I did before. It was required reading for my English class in high school, so basically anything that we had to read and get tested on I hated. I remember complaining about Fahrenheit 451 being  a pointless read and calling it “stupid”.  See how childish I was in regards to reading books for an English class. Thinking about it now, I will admit I was dumb for making those comments.

  pain animated GIF

This book and 1984 are what brought my interest in reading more dystopian themed novels.  As an avid reader, I am glad that I did read it.  Ray Bradbury depicts a society where the citizens renounce the freedom of reading and books are banned (if you had them, you’re house gets burned down) as more technological entertainment become available, thus, causing many to lose interest in reading.  As much as I love technology, it’s hard to imagine living in a place where there are no animated GIF  For those who don’t like to read would probably not care so much; however, I think people often forget sometimes the importance of reading books.  For me books are not just a form entertainment.  They make you learn, understand, and sometimes make you see things from a different perspective, and may change how you view the world. Overall, books are thought-provoking and I honestly wouldn’t know what I would do if they become nonexistent.

4 thoughts on “Day 23: A book you once hated, but now loved. What changed?

  1. That book is one I would consider a source of my inspiration to write many stories…many stories I have yet to complete. It was actually one I did not hate in school though it was slightly unsettling. I confuse it often with a book called “White Noise” which involved a man trying to spare his wife from losing her mind to some kind of dangerous pill and staring at the TV which became white noise for her. There was more to the story, but I forget (as it was long ago when I read it). Both books gave me similar mental impressions on the dangers of the world if we don’t look out for them. So, forgive me if I forget which book included a robot dog that hunted the protagonist down. Just as the Terminator movies and Disney’s Black Hole give me concerns to ponder…perhaps better than any documentary on greenhouse gases and anti-drug videos/ads.

    For what it’s worth, I normally only read a book once. I don’t read much because I feel my time is better spent on writing/creating my own material. I may have read “The Hero and the Crown” twice, though. 😛

    In some ways, a book we respond strongly to and look at often (for me, those were pick-a-path and drawing guide books) becomes like a bible. It takes on a mythology and becomes a source of verbal reference; we give readings from the good book we can’t forget.

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      1. I taught some high students about ten years ago and I had them read excerpts from this. I pointed out the year it was made, the technology at the time, and pointed out the wall-mounted tvs that were up and coming. I got their interest then. LOL

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