9 Reasons I Why I Love Dresses

Dresses, Dresses! Dresses would probably be my favorite fashion staple.  I don’t know how many dresses I own whether they are casual or formal, I can just never get enough of them. Every time I go to the mall to do some shopping I always end up buying at least one dress even if I don’t have a clue where to wear at or if I even need it.  Just to give you an idea of my obsession here is picture of some of the dresses in my closet.


This picture doesn’t do justice, but as you can see I love them.  But enough about that.  I wrote this post to give reasons as to why I love dresses.

9 Reasons Why I Love Dresses

1.It’s an entire outfit.  Instead of wasting my time grabbing different articles of clothing to match which makes a total mess of my closet, I can just easily grab a dress.

2.They can be dressed up or down by wearing different shoes/accessories/outerwear such as a blazer or cardigan.

3.They are easy to pack since it’s just one piece of clothing. When I went on vacation to the Philippines the majority of my clothes were dresses.  They saved me a lot of space for other things in my luggage too.

4. I can get away with eating as much food without having to look fat.  Just make sure you don’t wear the tight-fitting dresses though.

5.For some reason you often get more compliments when you wear a dress. At least that’s what I get compared to when I am just wearing jeans.

6.They’re feminine and pretty.

7.They’re comfortable.  No restricted movement and tight waistbands.

8.They are almost always appropriate wear for anything.  Work, date night, shopping, going out for lunch with the girls, etc…

9. They will never go out of style.


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