Day 21: The most disturbing book you’ve ever read

Everyone has their definition of disturbing when it comes to a book.  The first thing that usually comes to mind are grotesque creatures or someone committing bloody murder.  However, for me no other book gave me more discomfort the moment I read the first page than Alice Walker’s The Color Purple.  Let’s look at the opening sentence:

“You better not tell nobody but God. It’d kill your mammy.”

shocked animated GIF

Reading that sentence was horrifying for me and it could only get worst from there.  I don’t think I even batted on eyelash while reading the opening chapter.  It was a brutal opening scene and I couldn’t help but feel nauseated and the images were so vivid in my mind that I had to take a break reading it. Clearly Alice Walker wrote a great novel; however, I still find this book too disturbing to read a second time around.

3 thoughts on “Day 21: The most disturbing book you’ve ever read

  1. The most disturbing book I’ve ever read was The Child Called It 😦 I still remember the horrifying scenes described in it……


  2. Wow, this is not the book I was expecting to be the most disturbing. And yet now that I’ve read this post I couldn’t see it being any other.

    Thanks for liking my post on book decluttering 🙂


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