Anti-Bucket List

I do have a bucket list (well in my mind anyways) but I thought I would do the exact opposite on this post by putting in my anti-bucket list.  As much there are things that I would love to do, there are also things that I would refuse and will never do or hope I will never do. So behold my anti-bucket list.

Do Drugs: Drugs are terrifying.  Indeed they are. I know what the effects of drugs can do to a person and I don’t want to see myself in that kind of situation. So for those who use YOLO as their motto in life in regards to drug use, that’s right, you only live once and I am not going to waste it on something that could harm my well-being.

sassy animated GIF

Smoke: I’ve seen a smoker’s lung. Yes I like my lungs to be pink not black thank you very much.

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Will never touch or hold a snake: I admit I have a fear of snakes. I don’t care what anyone says I simply will not go near one, venomous or not.  In fact, I am so repulsed by them that if one appears on television I will immediately change the channel.  In addition I WON’T even TOUCH  a picture of one. I remember putting post-its over pictures of snakes on my environmental health textbook  while I was reading it because I just couldn’t handle it.glee animated GIF

Wear Crocs: No one in their right mind will tell you “Wow, that’s a nice pair of Crocs.” These things are hideous and it boggles my mind why it’s even being worn (okay maybe for their comfort) Seriously though, I think my good fashion sense will probably diminish the moment I put one of these on. Same goes for UGGs too.

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Solve a Rubik’s Cube: Lord knows how much I tried.  I am even ashamed to admit how many attempts I made but I don’t want to think about it anymore. I lost my patience trying to solve it.  So for those who have been successful I salute you.  As for me I probably don’t ever want to touch a Rubik’s cube ever again.

angry animated GIF

Have piercings on my face or on my body: The only piercings I have are on my ears and that’s all there will ever be. Some people have the weirdest piercings and I can’t help and wonder why.  However, if it makes them feel good then who am I to judge. It’s their face and body,so let them do whatever they want. For me, it’s just something I wouldn’t do.

Cut my own hair: Yes going to the salon can be expensive but trust the professional. I will admit I tried it once and failed. My bangs were cut too short and I went to my mom crying about it.  Learned my lesson since then.

crying animated GIF 9

Be interested in politics or the stock market: Can I say boring?

yawn animated GIF

Swim with Sharks: I don’t know about anyone else but this is a death wish.  A shark is a predator. I think I would have to be out of my mind to even consider this.

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Eat Esargot or Insects: Escargot? How about escarNOT! I just can’t.  Aside from snails I also refuse to eat insects.  Okay I will admit when I was younger I’ve had my share of tasting insect as food (gross I know…and that will be my last) but if you’re Filipino, you know some people in the Philippines eat some weird things that you would never think of as something  as food.

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That’s how I felt too Simba…….

Become a Vegetarian: My sincerest apologies but I just love meat.. and I don’t think that will ever change.

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10 thoughts on “Anti-Bucket List

  1. Hahahaha I love this concept of anti-bucket list! I completely agree with you in all of them! Though I have swam with sharks, and I ate an insect once, and I cut my own hair all the time…. OH and I was vegetarian (not anymore) and I have a septum piercing and had a lip piercing lmfao
    Other than that I agree with you! hahaha

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    1. People do bucket lists and I thought I would do the opposite just for a change.Wow that must have been an experience.I don’t think I can ever swim with sharks even if someone paid me!My friend once tried to make me a vegetarian but I couldn’t even last a day.LOL As for septum piercing…it looks like it’s painful.Just a thought when I see some people I know who got them done.

      Liked by 1 person

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