Day 19: A Book That You Believe is Underrated


Gone Series by Michael Gant

The concept of the story is great which what made me eager to read it: Adults disappear and you are only left with children and teenagers to fend for themselves. It made me curious at what kids would actually do when there are no adult is around. It sort of reminds me of Lord of the Flies by William Golding in which the kids have to fight for survival.  The book is intense and action packed. I was surprised at the violence that was occurring while I was reading because you just think “wow they are just kids.” However, you can’t be surprised especially when there is no adult authority around. Some of you may think that this book is not underrated, but for me it has to be one of the best young adult dystopian novels that I have read so far; and believe me I’ve read enough to know which ones were good. The only downside of this probably is that the series is much longer compared to those who only want to stick to the normal trilogy.


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