Day 11:Name three absolutely awful film adaptations of books.

I rank film adaptations of books into three categories: “great” (as I expected it should look like), “okay” (could have been better-something was lacking), and “trainwreck” (it’s bad, just really bad) This may be too harsh but I have high expectations.  So here are what I believe are three awful film adaptation of books.  This is solely my own opinion.

When you compact three books into an hour and forty minutes film-you KNOW that it wouldn’t be a good idea and a total disaster.  And what a disaster the film was.  I absolutely loved this series during my elementary school years, so back then I was excited when they made it into a movie.  Being a fan of the series I had high expectations; however only to end up in disappointment after watching it.  Everything were mixed up, so out of order, and some important details in the book were not shown. Honestly it was a mess. And my other issue was the casting of Jim Carrey as Count Olaf. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Jim Carrey, but not as Count Olaf. When I read the book Count Olaf is sinister and frightening-and I really hated him because of how he treated the Baudelaire children; however, I couldn’t see that in the film.  Jim Carrey was too comedic and most times he made the character likeable when he shouldn’t be.

why animated GIF

I stumbled on this movie while browsing on through my TV channels so I decided to watch it.  It’s the modern re-telling of Charles Dicken’s classic tale (there is another version).  I’m no fan of Charles Dickens, but I did read the book; however, this movie was awful.  Boring and torture to watch.bored animated GIF

Okay I didn’t like Twilight series but I did read the first book.  Despite my dislike, I watched the movie when it came out just to see how it will look.  I really wanted to like the movie but I just couldn’t.  I loved Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but in Twilight he was just so awkward.  Everything about this movie was awkward: from the acting, to the cheesy dialogues, and whatever was going on.  And it really didn’t help when you have Kristen Stewart playing Bella.

bored animated GIF


6 thoughts on “Day 11:Name three absolutely awful film adaptations of books.

  1. I completely agree about Lemony Snicket! I remember that the movie came out when I was in third grade and I left the theatre as the most heartbroken eight year old, so sad and disappointed given how I excited I had been about it. 😉


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