I Miss the Philippines

Almost a year has passed since I went back home for vacation in the Philippines.  I felt that three weeks were not enough.  Even though I was sick the first week (and I mean really sick) I am glad that I was able to enjoy it the last two weeks.  Going to the beach, shopping, eating many Filipino foods that I love (Filipino food here in the US just can’t compare, and most of all seeing my extended family and friends.  It probably won’t be for another few years before I go there again.(vacations can cost a lot of money)  I’m really thankful for my parents for giving me that vacation as a graduation present.  I definitely deserved it.

Taking a picture while riding on a Calesa-probably my favorite form of transportation while I was there.  It was slow since it’s maneuvered by a horse however, you get to take in the beautiful scenery around you and also get some fresh air.

First time zip-lining over the water- Superman style at Hannah’s Beach Resort.

Catching up with friends and eating halo-halo (Filipino dessert).  Really good especially when it’s always hot over there.

Ice skating at the Mall of Asia

Before we leave for our flight back home.


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