Music is a Must When I Work Out

Listening to music while working out at the gym is not a new concept; however, I noticed that my performance while exercising is definitely more better than when I’m listening to music than when I’m not.  When I don’t have music on, I feel less motivated and not as “pumped” to do any of my work outs.  I guess I just need a form of “good” distraction in which music is the only thing that will keep me focus on my activities.

Here are just some of the songs I listen to when working out to keep me pumped up!

1)Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (no brainer there-It’s safe to assume that the majority of those listen to this song while working out)

2.)It’s My Life by Bon Jovi

3)Turn Down For What by Lil Jon (This is more for the beat not the content of the song-very upbeat)

4.)Yeah! by Usher

5.)Ms New Booty by Bubba Sparxxx (..don’t really like the lyrics but this song is great motivation when I’m doing squats or any gluteus maximus/medius workouts)

6)Ain’t It Fun by Paramore

7.)Love More by Chris Brown

8.)The Anthem by Good Charlotte

9.)Birthday by Katy Perry

10.)Love on Top by Beyonce

11.)Ain’t Thinkin’ Bout You by Bow Wow

12.)Play Hard by David Guetta ft Ne-yo and Akon

Source: Spotify

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