Day 4: Characters You Hate and Which Books They are From

Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter

I don’t just not like her, I hate her.  No other character (maybe Bellatrix Lestrange comes close) made me seethe with rage than Professor Umbridge. She is the worst kind of evil, just plain cruel.   Lizzy McGuire But you might ask: why not Lord Voldemort? That is true, Voldemort is a killer and just pure evil; however, at least with Voldemort you know where you stand and is honest with his true intentions, which I thought was much easier to deal with.  If you didn’t agree with his philosophies you get killed. And his backstory helped me understand him a little bit more, though it doesn’t mean I condoned his actions. As for Umbridge she portrays herself to be this nice lady, acting all righteous, but you just never know with her.  One minute she will be nice to you, and then all of a sudden she will smile at you,  while watching you suffer from a dementor’s kiss.  (It made me so angry when he made Harry use that quill)  Umbridge, just made my skin crawl.  Every time she appeared in a chapter, I wanted to reach through the book and just strangle her.  Oh how I wished someone used the Avada Kedavra curse on her (..yea that’s a bit too much, but you have to admit she was a horrible person)

Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter

I may dislike Bellatrix for shallow reasons which is basically the fact that she killed two of my favorite characters, Sirius and Dobby; however, I guess what really bothered me the most about her was the fact that she was a sadistic psychopath. She killed with no hesitation and will probably just do it too because she will feel like it…and simply because it is fun. reaction animated GIF      She was one crazy Death Eater. On another note, I would have to say Helen Bonham Carter was truly amazing as Bellatrix Lestrange. Definitely one of my favorite portrayals of a book character. The moment she killed Sirius and just ran off laughing…I was so upset that I wouldn’t have second thoughts of strangling her (her character, not the actress)  I honestly, cannot imagine any other actress portraying the role of Bellatrix other than her.

Romeo and Juliet from guess what, Romeo and Juliet

I understand that they were young and impulsive and probably didn’t know what being in love really meant.  And if I were to be honest, I probably hated Romeo more than Juliet (how can you get over Rosaline that quickly) I know people consider Romeo and Juliet a classic and because it’s the work of Shakespeare, I should at least think it’s awesome or have a few good words about it. not amused animated GIF  Unfortunately, I thought that Romeo and Juliet was a poor depiction of true love.  You may or may not agree with me but you have to admit that you at least found them annoying at some point.

Bella Swan from Twilight

When you make your whole life revolve around a guy, being helpless, there is something wrong.  Believe me, I don’t mind reading about damsels in distress, too but the book would probably have to be so good (…and I mean really good- plot wise)to make up for the lack of a strong heroine.  I regret to say that Twilight failed.  I found Bella to be a one dimensional character with no character development.  Her happiness and her well-being revolves around Edward. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want a man to be the sole reason for my existence in this world. For example, in Bella’s case, if my boyfriend leaves me, I should lock myself in a room for months and cry in despair because nothing else matters if he’s not here.  And what’s even worst, to get over that depression, she sought another guy, Jacob Black.  Instead of bettering herself and maturing, becoming stronger, and independent, she became dependent on Jacob. Bella is a poor role model for young girls and I can’t help but feel disappointed when girls claim her as their role model and want to be like her (…for shallow reasons such as the fact that two “hot” men were vying for her affections)wtf animated GIF            On another note, it didn’t help that Kristen Stewart with her awkward and unemotional acting, portrayed her character.


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