Day 2: Your 5 Least Favorite Books

I had the chance to write about my 10 favorite books and oh how I’m glad that I can write about my least favorite books. It’s been awhile since I ranted about a book that I dislike since most of the time, these books either receive good reviews or is overrated.

Yes I fell into the hype in high school (all the girls gushing how great it is). Yes, I will admit I literally sat at Borders reading this book (wasted 8 hours of my time). And yes I watched the movies

.facepalm animated GIF

Having read so many books I am entitled to judge a book and say if it’s well written or not and Twilight is most definitely not.I disliked Bella (no backbone, annoying, a one dimensional character whose life literally just revolved around Edward, Edward, and even more Edward!) When I read a book, I expect the characters (main or side characters) to have some character development and someone that I get attached to and feel for.I just don’t like hero or heroines with zero personality.

It’s classic literature so it must be good, right?  Unfortunately, I do not share the similar sentiment in regards to this book. This is my first William Faulkner novel and probably my last.  The moment I read the first page I knew I should have just thrown the book and burned it because it was that frustrating of a read.Brave

It’s well-written with the use of flowery language but what good is that when you, as a reader have no idea what the heck is going on.(yes I went to SparkNotes to gain a better understanding of the premise of the novel ). So when I read reviews on this book I automatically come up with two conclusions: 1. I’m a complete idiot or 2. No one wants to admit that they don’t have a damn clue what Faulkner is talking about, therefore, comes to the conclusion that it must be brilliant and amazing written work.)

I don’t really like reading chick-lit books (nothing against them but just really not my cup of tea) but I gave this a try.I mentioned that I like characters that I can sympathize for; however, I’m disappointed to say that the main character Rachel (I really tried to understand her for doing what she did)but to my dismay I ended hating her until the very end (spineless and annoying). But what really irked me about this book was the overall message which is basically this: As long as your best friend is a self-absorbed b*tch, it’s okay to sleep with her fiance.Really, really?!!Oh and I don’t care if you met him first!The fiance was annoying too.(cheating asshole)

Pride and Prejudice


When you wholeheartedly love a series for the first two books and only left to be disappointed at the final installment I wouldn’t know what to say.  I love the Divergent series, but Veronica Roth made me angry with how she ended it.

why animated GIF

I’ve read books with tragic endings and having a valid reason for it and it is acceptable. However, for me I couldn’t accept the fact that Tris had to die.  I think she has suffered enough as it is. I get it, she’s selfless and giving but why, WHY VERONICA ROTH?!! I can’t even write coherently in regards to this because I’m upset.  If I could take it back I would have just stopped reading the series at Insurgent.  Although I would still watch the final movie.

I know Kurt Vonnegut is a great author, but this book just didn’t do it for me.


One thought on “Day 2: Your 5 Least Favorite Books

  1. I don’t think people who read classics automatically say the books are great just because of their reputations.

    I read classics mostly as well as Booker Prize nominees and winners and know other bloggers who do so.Yet we do not like the book by default,i.e,we don’t just base ourselves on whether or not it is a classic.We pick these books because we wish to know why they are such must-reads.Sometimes we’re disappointed,sometimes we aren’t.We are also fond of them because, since they’ve somehow made their mark in literature,they have a better chance than today’s YA novels to mesmerize us and give us some valuable insights. 🙂


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